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DTS and AC3 do not play through 3.5 audio out

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by Pavel_B, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Pavel_B

    Pavel_B New Member

    Dear Community,
    I get no sound from U9-H 3.5 audio out when watching MKV files with DTS or AC3 streams.
    In order to get sound, I need to plug the wire into 3.5 port on my monitor which is connected to U9-H over HDMI. And even in this case I have issues: VLC plays only **some** streams and MX plays only **first** stream (and so does Kodi).
    I don't have such issues with VLC on my Samsung tablet: VLC can play any MKV file and any sound stream inside it.
    All setting are Auto.
    What's wrong with my U9-H 3.5 audio out? How to fix?
    Thank you
  2. Pavel_B

    Pavel_B New Member

    An update...
    I manually set PCM in audio settings and restarted the box. Now I have sound on 3.5
    I also set Original in Ace Stream settings. So MX player also works.
    The only unclear thing is: VLC doesnt play AC3 on minix. Only DTS. Thats strange