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Dual booting Android and Windows on Minix Z64W

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by Linuxium, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Linuxium

    Linuxium Linux Evangelist Dev Group

    Boots from USB ... no firmware flashing or BIOS modifications required. All you need to do is download the image from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99O3A0dDe67elhnQ2I3aS1QSEU and uncompress it and then write it to a USB using either using 'Win32 Disk Imager' on Windows or using 'dd' on Linux ... see

    This is my 32-bit compilation of Intel's last Android on Intel Platforms source code explicitly defined for baytrail products (see https://01.org/android-ia). However I've updated the system to include Google Play Store and added root.

    I've also made a video showing a summary of some key information and performance figures including the results from 'About Tablet', CPU-Z, AnTuTu and Octane ... see https://youtu.be/Gfu11EZBD3M

    Note that the initial boot is quite slow. So slow that my video of it is probably the most boring one you could ever watch ... see https://youtu.be/S1qVfsljo2w
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  2. zeevg

    zeevg Active Member

    So this does not install anything on the minix device?

    Is it boot android from usb or permanently create a dual boot system?

    Thank you very much in both cases!!!
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  3. Linuxium

    Linuxium Linux Evangelist Dev Group

    It doesn't install anything to the device. The Android system is on the USB and everything required to boot and run Android is on the USB. It is not a 'live' USB but a USB installed Android system meaning that your files and data will remain available after a reboot. You can even boot on one Z64W and then take the USB to another Z64W and boot to continuing on from before.
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  4. zeevg

    zeevg Active Member

    So, i should be using a "big" usb right? NTFS and as big as i can get?

    This sounds Awesome!

    Again thank you for this....
  5. Linuxium

    Linuxium Linux Evangelist Dev Group

    You'll need an 8GB USB (larger USBs will work but the extra space will not get used). It doesn't matter how the USB is formatted as writing the download image will take care of it. Use your fastest USB to get the best possible performance.
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  6. rollingrock

    rollingrock Member

    This is great and what I was looking for to run Android from a USB on the minix Z64.

    Thanks Linuxium.
  7. sweden38

    sweden38 New Member

    It sounds good, but what about the installed apps on Android?. I mean, let say that I start up the system from the Android USB device... If I install a new App from Google App store or whatever... Will it be installed on the USB pendrive or where (apps, emulators, games... under Android)?. What about the user preferences?. Will it be necessary to set them everytine that I start the minix with the Android USB?.


  8. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    If that means you want to boot automatically from the USB device, then yes, you should be able to handle it at the BIOS at [Boot] via the "Boot Option Priorities"...
  9. sweden38

    sweden38 New Member

    Hello Newbie99, thanks for your answer but that´s not whatI´m asking for, sorry (sorry also for my english...).
    What I´,m asking is where everything is stored if I launch Android from the USB pendrive. For example, if I try to install an app for Android and a couple of games and so on...where they be stored? on the USB pendrive also???. If so... I guess it will be necessary to use a big USB pendrive and 8GB will not be enough... isn´t?.

    Thanks again

  10. Linuxium

    Linuxium Linux Evangelist Dev Group

    If you use this version (i.e. downloaded from the link in the OP) then everything will be installed on the USB and if you make any changes (e.g. install an application, download a file etc.) then they will also be saved to the USB. You should use a USB with a minimum size of 8GB as the image uses 8GB. The image has statically assigned partitions meaning that whilst you can use a larger USB the space will not be seen by Android.
  11. sweden38

    sweden38 New Member

    Thanks Linuxium!.Now it´s cristal clear to me :).
  12. fborrelli

    fborrelli New Member

    Hi, I followed the instructions per above for the usb boot disk and it did boot into Android . The only two items that did not work were the wifi and bluetooth. I could not turn either of them on through settings. Do they require drivers?
    best regards, frank
  13. Jorrick

    Jorrick New Member

    Yeah i need audio can it be fix?
  14. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

  15. nonfiniscequi

    nonfiniscequi New Member

    I need Android with Play Store and NO root. What about it?

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  16. ChaosU

    ChaosU New Member

    Hi Linuxium
    I'm have been looking for something simular to what you do. But I just want it to be reversed (Android as default, and Windows on pen drive or mms card. Will this be possible or would it be a bad idea?
  17. Jorrick

    Jorrick New Member

    Yes it is possible i did it :D (do you have a backup of your Android ?)
  18. stefan9999

    stefan9999 New Member

  19. nonfiniscequi

    nonfiniscequi New Member

  20. ash.aryal

    ash.aryal New Member

    Hi Linuxium, I loaded the image onto an external hard drive (not USB) hoping it would give the,same result. I loaded my z64w into bios mode and put the hard drive to load first in the boot menu. It then got to the android OS but keeps freezing at the stage where it shows the intel logo and never progresses beyond that. Also, the last time i did it it loaded a dead android with a red exclamation mark over the android.

    Any idea on what I could do to resolve this please?