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Encryption of Internal Storage

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by donglease, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. donglease

    donglease New Member

    I have noticed that the standard option to encrypt storage is missing in the Android OS on the z64. Does anyone know of an alternative way to encrypt the internal storage? I have searched online, but can't find anything suitable. However, it's not easy to construct a search that doesn't return lists of results about the standard Android encryption so I may just be looking in the wrong places!

    Also, are there any plans to include this in the z64 version of the OS at some point?
  2. fuzzytarget

    fuzzytarget New Member

    I too am looking for a fix for this. The U1 is 'assuming' it is on battery or that it has no backup power source or whatever. It wants to be on a charger to enable function. Add this borken feature to the list of disappointing behaviors of the U1 driving my decision to return. Note that a year and a half have passed and devices are still being produced that have not addressed this simple issue (one of several).
    I need to return a U1 and while there is nothing salacious on it, it does have login and account data that I want to assure I have taken every reasonable step to put out of reach. And no. Factory defaulting will not prevent recovery of information from unit.
  3. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

  4. fuzzytarget

    fuzzytarget New Member

    I had already tried the second solution and The "free trial" is functionally useless. It is impossible to 'test' the functionality I need without purchasing it.

    All of the applications I have looked at including those above specify that they will delete empty space and deleted user files etc. None assure login information for deleted accounts will be wiped.

    My greatest complaint is that the Android OS offers a built in comprehensive solution to the problem and the MINIX devs have failed to make it known that this capability is broken and has been neglected - for a year and a half! It should be fairly simple to patch the OS to report on charge at full rate and battery at 100% or the functional equivalent. This would get past the test being performed at the encrypt device screen and presumably solve my problem as well as allow users that need or want the extra security and protection to have it. Two examples of situations where it is useful are a stolen device and a device that must be used in a shared space (dorm for example).

    Admittedly I have not verified exactly what is encrypted by the OS but my operating assumption is that it is either the entire device memory structure or all user space which will include all account information, etc. Doing less would hardly be a credible 'security feature' for any OS.

    An adjunct to this is the remote wipe device that google offers which also does not work with the U1. No doubt more complicated to fix but still useful if it can be made to work.