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Error when I trying upgrade X8

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by mario__s, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. mario__s

    mario__s New Member

    Hi, I bought my MINIX x8 a year ago. From the first day until yesterday worked well with stock fw. Until tommorow because I decided that I will upgrade to version 008. During the upgrade process, an error occurs as a attached screenshot. To the box is connected only OTG cable and power. OTG connected to USB 2.0.
    I trying to use image file from this site


    Please anyone help me to do it the upgrade with a full success and repair the box because at the moment my x8 does not display anything on TV.

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  2. mario__s

    mario__s New Member

    Of course I mean nothing on tv. Black screen only.
  3. mario__s

    mario__s New Member

    This is last part of the log file. Maybe this is give someone the right direction to help me and resolve my problem.
    This is the first error message
    [22:55:22 232][HUB5-2][Err]--Return buffer=media error 1 at seq 0, resend 3
    What is that mean ?

    [22:55:22 134][HUB5-2][Inf]-------------Download boot.PARTITION-----------
    [22:55:22 135][HUB5-2][Inf]--0-7-0-16
    [22:55:22 135][HUB5-2][Inf]--download store boot normal 7166461
    [22:55:22 136][HUB5-2][Inf]--Send download command success
    [22:55:22 152][HUB5-2][Inf]--Read command status success
    [22:55:22 232][HUB5-2][Err]--Return buffer=media error 1 at seq 0, resend 3

    [22:55:22 232][HUB5-2][Err]--Download file failed, sequence 0
    [22:55:22 232][HUB5-2][Inf]--Failure : 1, FailureMax : 3
    [22:55:23 210][HUB5-2][Inf]--Transfer complete
    [22:55:23 211][HUB5-2][Inf]--Send download get_status command succeed
    [22:55:23 218][HUB5-2][Err]--failed:[22:55:23 223][HUB5-2][Err]--[0x30404004]UBOOT/Partition boot/Get download status/Error result
    [22:55:23 223][HUB5-2][Inf]--Close device handle 0x000004c4
  4. Omoonlight

    Omoonlight New Member

    Hello Mario, did you get any feedback for this? I am having the same problem and I hope the box is not a small, black brick.