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Ethernet stops working unexpectedly

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by karelondrus, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. karelondrus

    karelondrus New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have a very strange issue with my Minix Z64, Win 10.

    I have the device running basically 24/7. The device itself is connected to the network via an ethernet cable, without any possibility to connect to a Wi-Fi network, because of the building/room structure, where it is at.

    The issue is, that the only connection to the Internet, an ethernet, stops working unexpectedly from time to time. The only resolution for now is to physically unplug it from the power source and then put it back in. Basic restart or shutdown doesn´t work at all.

    Let´s say I start the device and it runs smoothly without any problem whatsoever, but after few days, or a week, sometimes even sooner, the ethernet connection disappears.

    Can anybody please help me? I would appreciate it so much.

    Thank you,

    Karel Ondruš.
  2. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

    Unplug your modem, router, & Z-64, wait 30-60 seconds, then plug in your modem (let it complete its reboot process), next plug in your router (ditto reboot process), then plug in your Z-64. This should help or at the very least will clear your network of any static. Good luck.
  3. karelondrus

    karelondrus New Member

    Thanks for your response. This works, however I need to find the real solution to the problem, beacuse I can't restart it everytime this happens. Any other recommendations please??
  4. GeorgeTheCreator

    GeorgeTheCreator New Member

    I started having the same problem a couple of months ago. My first suspicion was that my z64 somehow heats up and starts acting strangely. But now after reading that the z84 have similar problems I am suspecting some kind of conflict with the drivers that automatically are installed by windows. I believe that may a BIOS update is needed but I can't find a newer one. Will there be any?
    Also you don't have to reset your Z64 to fix the ethernet connection . You use the troubleshooting wizard of windows for networking and it restarts the driver automatically. Not difficult but definitely annoying to lose ethernet connection in the middle of your work or entertainment
  5. ati

    ati New Member

    Network and Internet settings ==> Change adapter options ==> Ethernet properties ==> configure ==> advanced ==> at the bottom of the list choose WOL & Shutdown link speed and change the Value to No Speed Down, it work for me.
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