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Firm Dev - C or C++?

Discussion in 'Firmware and Kernel development' started by TheKernel, May 29, 2017.


C or C++ - Which Do You Prefer

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  1. TheKernel

    TheKernel New Member

    Hey guys! I'm currently wanting to expand my hobby dev skills beyond general electronics and get into some coding in my spare time. As I don't have all that much time, I'm wanting to learn something that will be rewarding but also flexible enough that I can use it for multiple projects / dev environments.

    I've been reading up a lot lately, and I'm stuck between C or C++. Anyone here have any recommendations? Personal preference? Or is there another language I should be learning if I wanna get into Firmware or kernel devleopment?

    Building on that, any places you'd recommend to get started would be great. So many resources out there, it's a little overwhelming!