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((( Firmware Changelog )))

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by outrage_uk, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. outrage_uk

    outrage_uk Member

    Here is the cumulative firmware changelog for the Neo X8-H Plus from stock to the latest.

    For details of how to flash with the burning tool (Minix USB connected to PC), see this post... How to flash firmware image (X6, X8 series)

    For details of how to flash using an update on a USB Stick, see this post... How to use the USB.zip update method (X6, X8 Series)

    For details of how to flash Over The Air, see this post... What is OTA/FOTA ? and run the "System Update" app.

    Make sure you do your research before upgrading!

    Stock to 002 (25/12/2014)

    1. New ADPUS FOTA update software deployed
    2. Ethernet throughput increases from ~400Mbps -> ~900Mbps
    3. Increased eMMC read/write performance
    4. Unlocked WiFi Channel 13
    5. Minix Metro launcher updated
    6. Added "HDMI & SPDIF passthrough" option
    7. Fixed Vietnam TV streaming app problem
    8. Fixed Sopcast V1.1.0 no video issue
    9. Added Logitech Harmony remote support

    002 to 003 (04/02/2015)

    1. Fixed Ethernet MAC address reading error bug
    2. Fixed can't switch to 4K bug (2014 Samsung "future ready" TVs must use HDMI port 3 - MHL port, other ports have been found to have compatibility issues)
    3. Fixed HDMI-CEC wakeup issue
    4. Fixed Vietnam htvonlinetv bug
    5. Fixed Bluetooth failed to re-connect bug
    6. Added self-adaptive refresh rate switching option (no need to enable switching inside of XBMC anymore)
    7. Fixed some 25fps videos playback stuttering issue
    8. Fixed eurosport app keep loading issue
    9. Fixed "Saint Seiya MP4" kind of playback stuttering issue
    10. Improved HDMI passthrough compatibility with some older TVs
    11. Fixed Indonesia TV Plus app playback quality issue
    12. Fixed TV Radio Malaysia app playback quality issue
    13. Fixed Indonesia Lumen app playback quality issue
    14. Channel 13 patch removed
    15. Re-enabling AML remote controller option (http://minix.com.hk/downfile/RC_MINIX.apk)

    003 to 004 (21/04/2015)

    1. Fixed IR not responsive well issue
    2. Fixed mouse movement doesn't exit screensaver issue
    3. Fixed XBMC/Kodi wakeup bug
    4. Fixed Premier League Pass (New Zealand) unable to playback issue
    5. Fixed MyTV (HK) app playback issue
    6. Fixed AML remote control failed to connect issue
    7. Removed HDMI-CEC yellow/blue keys remapping
    8. Fixed MX player subtitle duplicating issue
    9. Fixed when muted the UI key movement still have sound issue
    10. Fixed HDMI-CEC multi devices and long press issues

    004 to 005 (06/05/2015)

    1. Fixed HDMI-CEC power up issue
    2. Fixed some WEB-DL / 23.976fps videos stuttering issue
    3. Added Logitech Harmony support (EXPERIMENTAL, not tested since we don't have the device)
    4. Fixed IMDB app can't launch issue
    5. Fixed hotspot freezing bug
    6. Setting default of self-adaptive refresh rate switching feature to OFF <- We have decided to make this default to OFF because lots of users thought it's a bug to have intermittent black screen when the switches take place)

    005 to 006 (06/07/2015)

    1. CEC display name changed to X8
    2. Fixed CEC wakeup issue for Panasonic TVs
    3. Added auto sleep timer option
    4. Added SMB server option
    5. Fixed FilmOn Live TV slow loading channel issue
    6. Updated Minix launcher
    7. Fixed Denmark TDC Play app playback issue
    8. Fixed playback issue of some .avi files
    9. Fixed fps drop issue of some WEB-DL files
    10. Fixed 3D playback display issue of Vidon Kodi app
    11. Updated Xbox 360 controller .kl and .kcm files
    12. Added VPN status on Minix launcher home screen
    13. Fixed WiFi wake-up false connection status bug
    14. Added Logitech Harmony series remote controllers support
    15. Added Mele F10 Deluxe .kl file
    16. Removed simultaneous audio output of both HDMI and headphone jack

    006 to 006A (08/07/2015) OTA

    1. Re-enabling settings hotkey of stock IR remote
    2. Fixed Minix UI icon width problem
    3. Changed the VPN status icon of Minix UI

    006A to 007 (31/08/2015)

    1. Volume locked when passthrough mode is in use
    2. libstagefright security patches
    3. Fixed YouTube livestream unable to play issue
    4. Added simultaneous HDMI and analog audio switch
    5. Added Ethernet to faked WiFi state option
    6. Fixed SPDIF PCM no output issue
    7. Fixed Vidon XBMC 3D playback issue
    8. Added RK remote app compatibility support

    007 to 007A (25/09/2015)

    1. Fixed NEO A2 Lite enter key not working issue
    2. Fixed Youtube livestream bug
    3. Removed volume control lock of passthrough mode
    4. Fixed WiFi auto-enabled bug

    007A to 008 (31/12/2015)

    1. Updated Minix Metro UI
    2. Updated YouTube app
    3. Fixed some video playback issues (e.g. Marvels Jessica Jones)
    4. Fixed Bluetooth devices connection problem during system wake up
    5. Improved Miracast app compatibility
    6. Updated Minix XBMC (based on Kodi Isengard 15.2): manually install APK from here

    008 to 008A (14/01/2016)

    1. Fixed Google Play Store issue

    008A to 009 (28/03/2016)

    1. Fixed PVR channel switch problem within XBMC/Kodi
    2. Fixed Google Play Store bug
    3. Fixed Livestream app streaming issue
    4. Updated Minix UI
    5. Added long press power button entering recovery menu option (~8s)

    009 to 010 (29/08/2016)

    1. Fixed VC-1 video playback issue
    2. Fixed X265 video playback issue
    3. Fixed some mkv videos playback issue
    4. Updated built-in apps

    010 to 011 (19/01/2017)

    1. Fixed MPEG video playback issue in Kodi (XBMC)
    2. Updated built-in apps

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  3. Menorca Man

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    007 to 007A (25/09/2015)

    1. Fixed NEO A2 Lite enter key not working issue
    2. Fixed YouTube livestream bug
    3. Removed volume control lock of passthrough mode
    4. Fixed WiFi auto-enabled bug
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  4. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    Got now an OTA!!!


    1. Fixed VC-1 video playback issue
    2. Fixed mkv video playback issue
    3. Updated some apps
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  6. Wittty

    Wittty New Member

    where can i dowload the *.rar file?
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    For the latest OTA update it is not yet available!
  8. outrage_uk

    outrage_uk Member

    Changelog updated to include all firmwares > 011
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