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X7 Firmware Recommendation

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by Oliver Twist, May 29, 2018.

  1. Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum and to Minix. I have been given a Neo X7 by a friend who is technologically challenged, he became frustrated and declared it is unusable. I would like to update the firmware and set up Kodi for local playback and Show Box for streaming then give it back to him.

    Most important is stability and reliability. Could some of the more experienced folks here give me a firmware recommendation please. Specifically, should I use "Official", "Community" or "Custom"?

    Audio passthrough is important, it is connected to a Yamaha RX-A770 AV receiver.

    What is the highest version of Kodi/SPMC I can install on this device?

    I have done a factory reset and the current configuration is as follows.

    Android 4.2.2
    Kernel version 3.0.36+ (neilnee@ubuntu #70) not sure if this is stock
    Build JDQ39
    Firmware 2014-04-

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. Dave2592

    Dave2592 New Member

    Sadly, Minix is no longer providing any support for the Minix Neo X7 and you will not be able to upgrade from Android 4.2 unless you use a community-provided firmware.

    So that means that you will not be able to install any recent version of Kodi (which was previously XMBC), which will not run on such an old version of Android. Some other software available in the Google Play Store will not install either, or will not work properly. You are stuck with what you've got. With the version of XMBC that you have, you will find that most addons and themes available from the Kodi project or community will not install either.

    I am not sure about Show Box, but be prepared to be disappointed.

    Minix will tell you that your Minix Neo X7 is obsolete and that it would be better to buy another one.

    I'm in the same situation, as are plenty of other people.

    The hardware has years of life in it but, because Minix doesn't want to support it, you can either a) dump it in the garbage or b) go through the complicated and hazardous process of attempting to install one of the community firmwares. I have also read about a possible way to install Debian Linux instead, in which case you would have the excellent community-supported Kodi that runs on Debian. But I've not attempted the upgrade myself yet. It is complicated, requires a separate computer running Windows, and can potentially leave your Minix unusable ("bricked") if something goes wrong (such as a power outage or accidental disconnection during the process).

    Sorry to break you the sad news, but hope this helps.
  3. Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist New Member

    Thanks Dave 2592, this is good info. Since the X7 is pretty much useless to me as is I have nothing to loose by trying to re-flash.

    So it will be between Community Firmware or some sort of Linux variant. What are the pro's and cons of each option? I am well aware of the risks of bricking the X7 while attempting this.

    Has anyone tried Linux? Debian or Ubuntu? What about Openelec, could this be an option?
  4. Dave2592

    Dave2592 New Member

    I haven't seen Debian Linux running on a Minix, but I run Ubuntu (which is Debian-based) on laptops and Kodi runs just fine. And Debian Linux uses the Gnome desktop, which is (IMHO) a very pleasant, user-friendly interface. So, in principle, I think it would be great.
    You can also try a community-contributed firmware that will give you Android 5. This is what I installed on my own Minix Neo X7. But it's not without bugs, because the community member that produced it won't have had any support from Minix in getting it working.
    Just make sure you still have the original USB cable supplied with the Minix, or you won't be able to install any firmware at all.
    Openelec? I'm unaware whether it's available for the Minix Neo X7.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist New Member

    Yes still have the original cables. I am currently reading up on booting Linux from an SD card, not sure if it will work on X7 but I think it is a low risk option worth investigating.
  6. gufone

    gufone Big Owl Super Moderator

    Try the community edition 2.5.0. You will find the firmware and how to install in this forum.
    You have the jellybean Android. This rom is KitKat. Not recent but worth a try.
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