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X7 mini Freezing on boot with "MINIX" logo screen

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by Viper111, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Viper111

    Viper111 New Member

    I have minix x7 since 2014. Generally, minix is on. I never turn it off, just change the TV to cable channels, but the minix always is turned on.
    Yesterday I switched to the Minix HDMI channel and saw only the MINIX logo screen.

    I reset the minix by disconnecting the power supply, but that did not help. I returned to recovery, reset to factory data, but still did not help when booting, minix hangs on screen with MINIX logo.

    I have never update ROM.

    I do not know what to do now?

    I am afraid that if I try to update the ROM minix ageing freez on MINIX logo screen :(
  2. Viper111

    Viper111 New Member

  3. jmd

    jmd New Member

    bonjour,j ai le same Problème, je ne ai jamais fait de mises à jour
    merci pour votre aide
  4. Soewandi wei

    Soewandi wei New Member

    I have same prob.... Only Minix logo n freeze.... Start today.... Around 2 weeks I didn't open it. Today start open n happen like this...
  5. hezi

    hezi New Member

    Hi, i stored my neo x7 mini for few month and plug it yesterday , it stack on the logo like explained above ,is anyone have solution ?