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Fundamental differences between Android & Windows OS

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by MINIX - Ken, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. fingerr

    fingerr New Member

    Hi all,

    I have Z64 with W10 connected to Onkyo 608, 5.1 tracks are working but I can't get sound when playing DTS-HD track.
    I suspect it's a windows driver problem as the HD codecs are not listed under "playback devices" -> Onkyo -> properties. When I connect my i5-5200U laptop to the same HDMI input, HD codecs are listed...
    Could be that Intel Atom doesn't support HD codecs?Anyone with Onkyo can confirm?

    anyone converted android version to windows because of audio and video drops when Z64 was connected to Onkyo?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. fabd

    fabd New Member


    i had the same problem with kodi on a onkyo sr607. The output driver used for HDMI Passthrough was spdif instead of HDMI. The parameter change automatically when he can't detect the onkyo connection. Perphaps it will help you
  3. fingerr

    fingerr New Member

    Hi Fabd, you are talking about Minix Z64?, because I've not found such setting and this device doesn't have spdif...

    I've moved to Windows 10 and can say it is much, much better than Android (in regards of HDMI connectivity), I'll miss Android but if there is no way to make HDMI connection work normally I have to stick with Windows.
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  4. fabd

    fabd New Member

    not, i was with a zotac, but even if there is no spdif, Kodi always choose an available connexion for passthrough, so if hdmi is off (onkyo off), then it take the first available output

    i will received my z64 Windows today, i will post some info this week end
  5. fingerr

    fingerr New Member

    Do you plan to convert to Android or stick with Windows? If Windows is your choice you'll probably have no troubles like me.
  6. fabd

    fabd New Member

    windows foreever, don't have time to debug or understand how do android work. Just want to have kodi works fine with 1080p video and LiveTV

    i know how it works on a windows, i will stay on a windows
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  7. fingerr

    fingerr New Member

    Good to you :)
  8. Marc Couture

    Marc Couture New Member

    Not having support for an IR remote under Windows is a bummer. Can anyone point me towards a thread that describes how to move to Android (I don't want to dual-boot)? Will the IR interface work then?
  9. nicknack35

    nicknack35 Member

    Im moving back to windows ill miss my Android Box But lack of features for PLEX on Android has made my mind up no PLEX HOME THEATRE
  10. notjoe

    notjoe New Member

    Will android support HDCP Passthrough of HD Audio codecs such as DTSHD-MA / TrueHD? The z64 with minix + Kodi stable doesn't seem to support it.
  11. nicknack35

    nicknack35 Member

    At the Moment Android is behind windows. Especially for home theatre Android is deffo getting there but limited due to the software what is Allowed on the Android OS

    Until the Devs start taking these Android boxes seriously. Then things are limited. The play store for instance there is still alot of things that won't work on the Android boxes due to it been aimed at touch screen for phones
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  12. notjoe

    notjoe New Member

    I scrw
    I screwed up ;) I have a an android unit flashed with the windows bios. ;)
  13. fingerr

    fingerr New Member

    Unfortunately this CPU/chipset lacks support for HD audio codecs...
  14. seriyusa

    seriyusa New Member

    It take me 4 minutes to convert from Windows to Android, and 16 minutes from Android to Windows( I use macrium reflect backup and restore). Video quality on windows is more better then on android. Using windows version I can use Kodi video and use same time computer, just re-size to small a kodi or any other player video screen.