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Future OS update if needed

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Guides & FAQs' started by David Johnston, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. David Johnston

    David Johnston New Member

    Hi all

    I have a MINIX neo u1 on the way to me from Amazon.

    I am aware the U1 runs on android lolipop which is great as therefore kodi krypton and hopefully future Kodi updates are compatible.

    My question is, if kodi where to in the near future drop support for android lolipop and lower would MINIX push an update for the OS on the MINIX U1?

    I only ask as I hope to get good usage out of the U1 but if I had to I would return it and wait for the U9-h.

    Thanks, David.
  2. cfraser

    cfraser Member

    I still haven't figured out why people use Kodi at all, when there's the custom/Minix version of XBMC to use. I'm newish to the U1 too, and I really didn't spot anything obvious that XBMC didn't do better than Kodi. But then I've only used the official releases of Kodi, I have no time for half-baked software anymore. :) (Can you tell I'm getting a bit old and grumpy? Yeah, I like to stay a version behind in everything, unless something's broken.) IOW, the U1 works just fine as it is; anything "momentous" in a future Android would probably require different hardware. The U1 was made to work with Lollipop.
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  3. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    I have a Minix X8h+ with Android 4.x.x, Minix have refused to provide an OS update to Android 5.x.x so I will not be able to use Kodi 17 on my box.

    As far as I can tell minix do not update the OS on their boxes once they are released.

    So I would return the U1 and wait for the U9, or alternative supplier.
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  4. davidki

    davidki Member

    I have had my (2of them) U1 now for about 10 months, I've really enjoyed it and part of the great experience has been the folks on this forum, every one has been so nice and helpful...I hope that going forward we continue to see firmware upgrades and support on this unit even with the new Units' coming out there is alot of us out here with the U1. Now saying that I have to pick up 2 new units for a friend and take it to them in the middle of May.. The big question for me (and them) which unit should I bring to them? In reading a recent review online the U1 performance is about the same as the U9 it seems and since I know the U1 fairly well I would be more apt to be able to support then if they have questions... Any comments?
  5. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    I was faced with a very similar question at the store when I decided for my U1 unit. Should I spend the few extra dollars for the muscle or go for the U1? The decision was made easy though because I suddenly realised the selling package of the U1 included the A2 Light for the same price. The other machine, although more powerful, was costing about 15USD more without the A2 Light (which was out of stock to sell separately).

    The U1 is one of the best boxes money can buy. The best deal is not always to go for the last model also, especially if you are faced with a great promotion for such a great product that is not yet obsolete. But if you find yourself with both boxes offered with or without the very same extras and the U9 costs a little more than the U1 then it would probably be a better choice as the graphics processor capacity is higher.
  6. davidki

    davidki Member

    After posting this thread I actually did some reading of the reviews of the new box, at the end it said that the U1 is still a stellar unit ... the 15.00 does not bother me, it's the learning curve I don't want to spend days configuring the system and especially if I give it to my brother that knows less about it than I do... over the last months I have got a fairly good handle on the U1 and I can at least walk them thru the steps on the U1. Heck, I could give him one of my U1's and I could get the new ones to give it a try :)
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