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FAQ Game controller

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Guides & FAQs' started by rodstudio, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Soc13

    Soc13 New Member

    Hi to all,
    I ve recently bought gamesir G3s gamepad for my neo u1 .As i m new to this sport:confused::confused::confused::confused: I have a few questions for more experienced users that r willing to help:

    Q1 I found out that happy chick is an emulator that supports gamesir gamepads, there are 2 versions to download one for android and one for tv which one can i download?
    Q2 are the games with happy chick fullscreen ?
    Q3 any other games-emulators with controler support (especialy basketball cause i m huge fan)!!!!

    Thanx in advance for your advices
  2. VarelaPet

    VarelaPet Member

    I still don't know how to play with another player. I have both an iPega and a G910 and when you try to map the buttons in any emulator, it recognises the same buttons y both pads (e.g.: if you press up, the action is going to be repeated ingame in both pads). Is there a way to solve that?
  3. Reynold72

    Reynold72 New Member

    I saw an Ipega pg-9068, i just want to know if it will also work on U1.. thanks
  4. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright New Member

    I listened to you on this post and brought a moga charge pro for my sons u1 and had issues connecting. My gamesir g3s works great so I would say the g3s is my preference to the moga pro.
  5. dihenz

    dihenz New Member

    hi, newbie here... just want to ask, the alternative game controller that works on u1? as the alternatives for G910 i suppossed, since i couldnt find that item here anymore... they're all sold out... please help.. thanks
  6. the0bone

    the0bone Member

    Take the Aukey one!
    Not sure where you from:
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  7. duepointe

    duepointe New Member

    anyone tried playing asphalt extreme?
    I have 2 controllers xbox 360 wireless controller with receiver and a bluetooth controller very similar the gamesir.
    Both of them works with most of the games i played like asphalt 8, real racing 3, bb racing and rush rally.
    But asphat extreme is not working at all with the game controllers i have? is there anything special i need to do?
  8. danielleaper

    danielleaper New Member

    can anyone help, I have an ipega controller which worked fine before, come to use it now and the buttons don't register. I did read about unplugging the remote dongle but it's a bit hard to get to the screen and search without a remote to do so. anyway I did try taking it out etc, nothing works