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Games & Gamepads Experiance [beta9]

Discussion in 'NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 9 firmware (20141018)' started by calmbrain, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. calmbrain

    calmbrain New Member

    I want to share with you me experience with Games & Game controllers after upgrading my MINIX-x8h to beta9. Comparing older firmware releases, I have experianced that beta 9 is better.

    - Delay in response with gamepad button press that was in older firmware has been solved/ reduced. Now the delay is acceptable. [Hope the delay reduced/ optimized more with final release 002]

    - I see more game controllers are get supported. THRUSTMASTER Xbox 360 wired controller now works. Before, it did not work with older firmware. Logitech wireless F710 also works as before.

    - wii remote plus (-TR) still cannot be paired. But it can work via "MayFlash DolphinBar". all buttons work except A&B on wii remote. nunchuck & classic control also work by plug them to the remote. The idea is that DolphinBar translates wii controllers inputs into keyboard and mouse inputs that are already supported by MINIX.

    I hope others share their experience too with games / game controllers.;)
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  2. DigitalWarS

    DigitalWarS New Member

    Hi, thanks for your share...
    How about sixaxis PS3 controllers? Do they work? If yes, like...out of the box of some work on the minix unit is needed?

    Thank you!
  3. the_pope667

    the_pope667 New Member

    yeah the input lag is a problem. i raised the issue in a different post. the x7 has no input lag but the x8 does on the same tv (nothing wrong with the tv). i really do hope they sort it out
  4. the_pope667

    the_pope667 New Member

    it does support ps3 controllers but i don't if it can do it via wireless with beta9
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  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Hello, wii remote(s) is not supported.
  6. calmbrain

    calmbrain New Member

    You need to consider supporting it. that will be so great for MINIX reputation.
    Also, you need to consider improving/reduce game-pad input response time.
  7. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    There are apps on the Google Play Store ready to do that.
    It doesn't need our special effort.
  8. bignjato

    bignjato New Member

    What application do you recommend to connect the wii controller with x8 neo-h?
  9. nnever2000

    nnever2000 New Member

    Someone can write a guide how to use the ps3 pad on minix x8? I cant figure out how to make my ps3 gamepad to work. tahnks
  10. nnever2000

    nnever2000 New Member

    No one use PS3 pads?
  11. ind0mi

    ind0mi New Member

    any1 tested to connect a ps4 gamepad?
    and how to connect a wireless xbox 360 controller?
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  12. nnever2000

    nnever2000 New Member

    You managed to got ps3 controller working? How?
  13. maaggim

    maaggim New Member

    any news on that topic ? I'm interested to use te Wii controller with the Minix
  14. calmbrain

    calmbrain New Member

    For people who ask for wii controller support.

    I can tell you after test that it is not supported officially. But...

    After tried to connect the (if you know about it) MayFlash Sensor DolphinBar, I got some sort of response with wii remote and (nunchuck or classic) that were connected to it.

    I have the latest model of wii remote (motionplus inside)

    The DolphinBar has 4 modes. by switching between these modes, I were able to scroll, navigate, volume up/down and map keys on games/ emulators.

    With wii remote, I were able to get action/map the keys: up,down,right,left,-,+,home,1 and 2. but A and B had no response!
    All buttons & right stick on classic controller worked. But the left stick did not.
    Nunchuck alo worked fine.

    I hope MINIX Developers consider the DolphinBar, test it and fully support it because it works 85% fine.
  15. angealus

    angealus New Member

    hello everyone I wanted to add to this forum and speak from personal experience. Ive only tried three controllers the afterglow ps3 with the wifi dongle, a actual ps3 controller, and the madcatz ctrl the ps3 after glow were horrible with response time and the buttons/thumb sticks didnt fell comfortable at all. the ps3 controller works great but has to be wired which sucks because I spent money on the six axis app after the six axis tester app said I was good to go. hands down the madcatz ctrl is the best outta the bunch wireless however I am having trouble using game controller 2 touch with the madcatz when I try and assign my thumb sticks to action either they dont register at all or they are all over the screen maybe I should start another thread on that one, is anybody else having that problem ? I also find that anything I link to the minix sometimes gets hung up and its like something is holding a button down. thats with roms, xbmc, google play games and it doesnt matter the device. As far as wired ps3 controller wired works fine response is perfect.
  16. Cosmin

    Cosmin New Member

    I have the Tronsmart Mars G01 and is working fine...it has windows/playstation/android mode, and I found enough games that are compatible with it. I like how it looks, how it feels, and how responsive it is, and is with it's own reciver, like the A2 airmouse, but are not interfering. And the price is the best! To bad that we cannot install more than 2 games with the size of asphalt 8 for example because then the memory is already full...(X8 here, not x8-h).
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  17. angealus

    angealus New Member

    I just wanted to update the madcatz ctrl works perfect with tincore keymapper for me no problem
  18. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    I have a Xbox one controller which I want to use with my X8-H, should I connect using USB or OTG port for it to work? Also do I need to use USB/BT Joystick app in order to be able use it?