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Google Maps problem

Discussion in 'NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 9 firmware (20141018)' started by yasinkaya, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. yasinkaya

    yasinkaya New Member

  2. Aquila

    Aquila Advocate Beta Tester

    Recognized and being worked on. ;-)
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    We fixed it this morning.
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  4. baretunez

    baretunez New Member

    Hi Ken Does this mean the final firmware will be released in the next few days.
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Yes, very soon, just see if we could further improve it.
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  6. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Hi MINIX - Ken,

    1000Thanks MINIX-Ken for let us know that the New X8-H Firmware will be released very soon, and that are testing and also trying to further improve it!

    Not to sound impatient, but could anticipate what New things we will receive in this NEW version of the X8-H Firmware?

    Please Ken, could you anticipate something, about what is New and what have been fixed?

    I want to know, just to be quieter waiting for the release on the next days...

    Best Regards.