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Custom ROM HardwareGuru 5.0 Malipatch/HLS/DRM for X7mini

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by HardwareGuru, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. TheOtherMarcus

    TheOtherMarcus New Member


    overall, this ROM works great for me. There are two things I wonder about though.

    There is a black frame around the display. I can get it to disappear if I zoom the image on the TV, but I would like to get a full 1080p image out to the TV, without having to do any image transformations.

    Many video players have problem with audio lip sync. It looks like the audio is delayed. Are there large audio buffers in the audio path? Can they be reduced?

  2. geneph

    geneph New Member

    i thought all HLS apps will work, i use the dragon lite vlc, HLS link is not working.
  3. anno_satanae

    anno_satanae New Member

    How to use the rkflashtool ? How to make x7 mini recognizable on windows 7 ? How to install the hardwareguru custom rom ? I upgraded to the last oficial f\w but still the image on the 720 p movies i run , are still pre hd 720 p quality . I'm starting to be disapointed with my purchase if i did not buy it online i would exchange it right now for false advertising on the 1080 full hd . Can someone help me please .
  4. Donny Yeo

    Donny Yeo New Member

    Follow the instructions in the video, with this exception.
    There is no power button in the X7 mini.

    Instead, with the power off, connect the USB port to the computer.
    Then, with a paper clip, insert into the recovery hole (at the bottom), press and hold the recovery button.
    Next, power on while continuously holding the button, for another 5 seconds.
    Remove the paper clip.
    Windows will automatically detect the Minix.

  5. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Or wait a few days as we will release Kitkat for X7mini. :D
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  6. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    Then there is news on the release of kitkat for x7mini?
  7. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator