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Has support for the NEO U9-H ended?

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by Citizen, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Citizen

    Citizen New Member

    Can anyone from the Minix team confirm if this is true?
    A friend of mine told me there will be no more updates for the U9-H. He said the developers stopped working on the Android 7 update in May, and will not resume any work for the U9-H in the future because they're focussing on a new Minix product.

    Is this true? Because I am thinking about buying a new Android tv box, but I would definitely not buy a Minix if they deliver such poor support.
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  2. I think it's bad that there is no official statement of minix.
    I bought the U-1 for family and U-9 for myself. Enjoyed the support and active forum but now it's silent and now I know why. :cry:

    Few moths ago I switches to sd on the U-9 card and LibreElec works great.

    Hate when support end of a product that is this new
  3. Robyn

    Robyn Member

    Despite I have been and am still very happy with this little machine as simple Kodi user, I will give him a second life with LibreElec when I will have time to tune it.

    In the meantime I go for a 100% Kodi solution and my choice has been made when I've been reading the following sentence from this vendor :

    "Some vendors stop supporting devices after a few months. XXXX will receive five years of guaranteed software updates delivering new features, performance improvements, and security updates."

    All the best to the very professional and friendly forum support team ! Cheers !
  4. litvcom

    litvcom Member

    My first and last MINIX. Never again!
  5. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Well, many people are waiting for an update of course (me too). Some bugs are still there, security patch is old...

    Anyway, Minix build strong products and all Minix boxes i have work fine.
    Remember you can change OS with LibreElec (very good solution)
    and the new Android TV rom from @Kondor : http://www.minixforum.com/threads/android-tv-based-on-fw008.19395/

    Remember also that other brands encounter many bugs with updates (eg : Oreo update for Xiaomi box : https://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/ne...-over-software-bugs-sms-history-wiped-1876675 )

    Is your Minix working or not ? Do you choose it because you want news every months or to have a working product ?
    Search for other brands + bugs in Google, you will be surprised !
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  6. mikeso3691

    mikeso3691 New Member

    Sheild is the best overall including specs and support

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  7. jackie999

    jackie999 Member

    I usually pride myself on researching and spending my hard earned $$'s on the best I can afford. I thought that was what I was doing with this minix. Wrong. If I had known there is no netflix support (only a weak sideloaded version) I would never have bought this.
  8. MacGyverSG1

    MacGyverSG1 Member

    I was going to buy a NEO U9-H, but after reading through this forum almost everyone is having trouble with the box. The fact that the best solution comes from the community (and not Minix) says something. I'm very satisfied with my NEO U1 with XBMC v16.3 by Minix. Unfortunately the same quality and support are not there anymore. It's time to go with a Windows box (Intel NUC). At least that way things should work better with my Windows network.
  9. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    I would guess that there are no major issues with the U9-H hardware and firmware that the majority of users are experiencing. Sure there may be one or two niggles but on the whole the box is pretty solid

    The quality of the minix remains high overall but yes, official support is now more or less non existant and no apparent ongoing development is happening. Hopefully Minix are at least reading the forums and taking note because if they dont take a more positive course of action they will just continue to lose customers.

    Not sure what your problem is here as I experience no network issues connecting over my LAN to PC or NAS for file transfer / media streaming.....sorry to say but its often the user not configuring correctly ...you will find many people asking how to connect two windows devices over a network together ;)
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  10. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    As a Kodi Hardware moderator, I'm seriously thinking of making a list of Manufacturers of Android devices that have demonstrated ongoing support, particularly those that that charge premium prices. Those that force users to buy new devices for major OS updates are going to get marked down heavily.

    The reason being is AMLogic are going all in with Android TV and we are now finding the Android TV OS surfacing on Google Certified devices from a wider spread of manufacturers. So the least regular Android devices seller can provide is timely Firmware update support.
  11. MacGyverSG1

    MacGyverSG1 Member

    It seems many people are having trouble with the power brick. Some people's problems might even get fixed with a new power brick. I think I have read problems with WiFi stability also.

    I can not get an Android box (U1 and NVIDIA Shield TV) to see all of the folders I have shared on my media PC (Win 7 Pro) with movie player apps (except for XBMC v16.3 by Minix). I've tried VLC, MX Player Pro, XBMC/Kodi (many versions) and none see all of the folders. The ones it does see, it doesn't show all or any files and/or sub folders.

    I've never had trouble with connecting Windows devices. It's usually pretty simple. It can get tricky when using an old version of Windows with the newest version.
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  12. MINIX - Martin

    MINIX - Martin Moderator Moderator

    Apologies for not being able to update the firmware at present.
    The development work for the new firmware is on, I assure you that I have seen it.
    I know you've been expecting for new firmware updates, and we're exerting our efforts on it.
    Appreciate for your patience. :)
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  13. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Thats excellent news.....perhaps you may like to elaborate a little to settle everyones curiosity on what we may expect to see :unsure::)
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  14. kingsizept

    kingsizept Member

  15. Fjodor2000

    Fjodor2000 Member

    I think it's quite clear that Mini-X at least have been working on the new firmware. But I think what worries most of us is what kind of progress is being made currently. Has the new firmware been paused, abandoned, or is the work just progressing very slowly?

    So when you say that you've seen the new firmware being worked on yourself, may I ask if this was some internal alpha/beta release produced several months ago, or if it was an internal release produced in the last few weeks where actual progress had been made lately?
    Do you have any rough estimate for when the new firmware is expected to be available? Is it e.g. roughly 1 week, 1 month, or 6 months away?
  16. MINIX - Martin

    MINIX - Martin Moderator Moderator

    The new firmware building work is going just a bit slow, and it's expected to be available on September or October if everything goes just fine.
    Last time I go to the developers, I saw a long list of bugs. Really annoying.
  17. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Thanks Martin for informations ;)

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  18. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Although we all want an updated Firmware, a bug free one is more important ! Hopefully the delay will achieve that :)
  19. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the limited info, but further questions remain... like....

    a) Is MINIX targeting Nougat or Oreo Firmware ?
    (AMLogic - Oreo is a bit of a mess from what I've seen, especially when combined with a new AML Linux Kernel)

    b) any sensible major media player manufacturer/seller builds a user community around it's hardware and then when it comes time to release new Firmware they....
    Run a closed group Beta / RC Firmware testing program.

    NVIDIA do it. I've seen Zidoo do it. WeTek as well. Apple has a long standing ongoing Beta testing program.
    It is best practice to iron out bugs relatively quickly before final release.

    The added benefit is the user community can actually see a seller is serious about providing, timely ongoing support for various media players and they don't feel so "abandoned"

    Is MINIX ever going to do that, and if they are not it would benefit the user community an explanation of why not ?
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  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    They have done it in the past. :)

    Why they don't appear to be doing it now is a mystery! (n)
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