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Beta Release HBO nordic updated client stopped wotking on minix x8h

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Official Firmware Releases' started by yobotra, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. yobotra

    yobotra New Member

    HBO nordic updated client, stopped working on minix x8h. When picture quality is less than HD its ok but when it automatically updates to HD, picture is unwatchaple several second delays between frames.
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  2. yobotra

    yobotra New Member

    Tried pausing if its buffering issue, doesn't help
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  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Please upload the apk to us, we will debug it.

    P.S. did it work before the update?
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  4. yobotra

    yobotra New Member

  5. yobotra

    yobotra New Member

  6. Celic

    Celic New Member


    Having the exact same problem after the upgrade.

    HBO Nordic released a new version on the 2nd of April that made no difference.

    Please let me know if i can be of any assistance in testing since i have an account to test from.

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  7. Peacerich420

    Peacerich420 Member

    any updates on this.. ? I got te same problem here...
  8. zevve1

    zevve1 New Member

    Same problem here...
  9. Celic

    Celic New Member

    Hi Ken

    I upgraded to firmware 004 this weekend and i am still having the same problem with the HBO app.
    Any news regarding this?

    Do you need the 2nd of april apk or any other assistance?

    Have been using my Apple TV and HBO through Airplay the last few weeks.
    I really love my Minix X8-H and would like to be able to use that as a one stop shop for all my viewing.

  10. Heksu

    Heksu New Member


    I have also very bad user experience using HBO Nordic on Minix X8-H.
    HD quality video is lagging a lot. Pausing trick did not help. It's not bandwidth issue.
    My Minix is updated to the latest version via FOTA. Also HBO Nordic app is the latest available version.
  11. X_axis

    X_axis New Member

    Has anyone come up with a solition for this issue??
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  12. Peacerich420

    Peacerich420 Member

    it dosent look like it... i really want this to work!
    its kind of the main reason i got the minix in first place!
  13. HiMaNeN

    HiMaNeN Member

    There is someting about the Minix Hbo Nordic dont like.
    Ive mailed them earlier this week. And they didnt recognize any particular problems with the Android platform and thats true it works perfect on my old Galaxy tab 3.
    Ive got an old computer for the moment an AMD and its laggs ass hell playing it in the browser and they told me to change the settings for flashplayer turn off hardware acceleraton and give it maximum buffer but that didnt do much.
    Ive also asked them if they have any plans of going ovet to HTML 5 and they said that the develop team is considering it.
    So i guess there isnt much to execpt wait,.. Works perfect on Google chrome and i guess the Minix has a lot more juice than that.
  14. mrex

    mrex Member

    it sucks totally... with ethernet hd is stuttering alot, like pause between frames and skipping alot of them. then after 10 seconds the quality changes and the quality isnt any better than sd. sometimes it seems to work better via wifi but sometimes the quality changes to sd too. sometimes it keeps the hd quality (720p) longer. if you can play the hd quality, dont pause the movie. because when you continue to watch it later, the quality is dropped down.

    so what is the problem with x8h and hbo nordic?

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  15. mrex

    mrex Member

    I got an answer from the HBO Nordic and they said that The box and the android version in Minix arent supportet.

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  16. StaticSounds

    StaticSounds New Member

    I do also have this problem using the newest update from fota and a clean install of the newest version of the hbo nordic app. I verified that my setup is HDCP compliant.
    The app haven't worked for me ever since i installed it on my minix (around aug. 2014)

    I contacted HBO nordic support yesterday and the tech guy told me that they are aware of this problem and he'd forward the problem to their tech department. He promised me an answer on their progress tomorrow.
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  17. zevve1

    zevve1 New Member

    any answer?
  18. StaticSounds

    StaticSounds New Member

    No he didn't come through on it. Ill call them in the weekend or on monday i guess.
  19. StaticSounds

    StaticSounds New Member

    Called HBO Nordic again, and the guy on the phone didn't have any news for me, but he promised to push it to the tech-department and even said he'd try to contact minix.

    Edit 8/9-15: Still no reply...
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  20. Grundahl

    Grundahl New Member

    I have the same problem with my NEO U1. Any news from our call to HBO?