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HD Passthrough on Windows

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by decosse, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. decosse

    decosse New Member

    Intel has just released (Beta currently) new Graphics Driver to finally enable HD Audio Passthrough, which previously has not worked on any Intel Windows system:
    I cannot enter link but if you go to Intel Download Center, Drivers & Software and search - Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7*/8.1* [15.40] - it will find it.
    (note the description suggests it is to enable Battlefield and Fifa17 but this is a much wider fundamental HD Audio Passthrough issue - e.g. trying to run HD Audio passthrough in Kodi)
    Beta release currently but full release expected to follow soon.

    Can you confirm this new driver will be appropriate for the Z83-4 Graphics chipset?
    i.e. with this driver installed, will the Z83-4 be able to run HD Audio Passthrough?
  2. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

  3. decosse

    decosse New Member

    Thanks for posting link - yes, that's it.
    I don't believe that second (older) one will do it; however being reported in the Kodi forums that this new Beta finally does!
    Just wondering about the compatibility for the Z83-4 chipset
  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Anyone tried? I don't think this would work...
  5. decosse

    decosse New Member

    It is reported to work on all Intel Processors from 4th Generation forward, so hopefully that includes the Cherry Trail

    Note that if Anniversary Edition Win 10 is installed, will have to deactivate Secure Boot in the BIOS for the driver to load properly, as it is an unsigned beta driver.

    Perhaps someone can try this - shouldn't be any downside to attempt to install and if necessary revert to the original driver.
    I'll be happy to do it once my friend's box is in hand.

    Of course to test it you will to be connected to a receiver that can decode HD audio then play a source with HD audio (e.g. DTS-HD or Dolby True HD) and see if the receiver shows that it indeed is processing and playing as HD.
  6. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    AFAIK z8300 is not able to passthrough DTS/AC3, only PCM.
    If tris driver changes anything, please let us know

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  7. decosse

    decosse New Member

    This is not a Z8300 issue, it's pretty much a Universal Intel/Windows issue.
    Someone needs to try it for this box! If you have a Z8300 @ilGimmy, why not just see if you can load driver?

    Whether or not works for the Z8300, this driver should almost certainly work for the Minix NGC-1 with the Braswell Processor
  8. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member


    Now I don't have it anymore.
    However I tried an HDMI audio extractor with no luck. (But it works on my notebook with i5-6200).

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  9. kingdingaling

    kingdingaling Member

    can somebody explain to me the audio options with the 'NEO Z83-4'

    can it passthru / bitstream audio formats like dts?
    can it decode dts-hd either software or hardware and pass it thru as individual channels via hdmi?
  10. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Do you mean this one:
  11. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    With stock driver it can only output 5.1 PCM through HDMI. I tried to use an HDMI audio extractor, but it was not working except for 2.0; I wasn't able to configure Kodi to output 5.1 AC3.
  12. iceman

    iceman New Member

    i made dts and dolby passtrough to my onkio reciver with kodi,

    but it works well with the first video, if y want to play another it´s out of sync
  13. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    that's nice, are you using some special Kodi build?
    Is the receiver connected through HDMI?
    If HDMI is used, are you sure you're not sending 5.1 PCM (sorry for the question)?

    Hope Kodi team fix z8300 chipset support soon; on i5-6200 I've no issue at all!
  14. iceman

    iceman New Member

    i think it´s last krypton beta build,

    yeah z8300 hdmi -- onkyo 5400 hdmi --- lg lm7600 tv

    with 5.1 pcm work always ok

    with passtrough my reciver shows dts and dolby but sometimes it works perfect and sometimes don´t (delay between audio and video) :(
  15. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    thanks for your report!
    are you using the beta drivers linked by @MINIX - Ken?
  16. iceman

    iceman New Member

    sorry jeje

    i dind´t read the HD part :p

    what i tried was dts and dolby and it fails

    then i tried the new drivers and didn´t work neither dts or dts hd

    sorry for my mistake
  17. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

    Yes, I was not speaking about HD audio, too

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  18. iceman

    iceman New Member

    @ilGimmy @MINIX - Ken

    take a look at this


    i can´t post links so add the h at the beginning
  19. ilGimmy

    ilGimmy Member

  20. iceman

    iceman New Member


    yeah, it seem that can´t play HD

    but regular dts and dolby ? i have the same problem, the first movie works ok, and then stop working