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X8-H Help! No boot

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by Pippo Pelo, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Pippo Pelo

    Pippo Pelo New Member

    Yesterday my Minix freeze in Spotify, I remove power cord, after restart it stuck on Minix logo, I remove power cord again, after new restart the screen remain black.

    I tried to flash firmware with USB burning tool but I give error flashing at 6%

    I found this procedure for recovery my Minix, but where I can download stock rom for Minix x8-H? Thank's in advance

    So download Amlogic Boot Card Maker, download your device stock firmware, launch the application with administrator rights, select your micro SD card as removable disk to be used, tick ‘To partition and Format’, then Click ‘Open’ and choose u-boot.bin from your device stock firmware package. Now press ‘Make’ button and when it’s done just copy all the firmware files to micro SD card (aml_autoscript, factory_update_param.aml, firmware.zip, recovery.img, u-boot.bin, unlock_autoscript).

    Now insert the micro SD card in your Amlogic device and power on. You will be able to enter into recovery and the firmware will be flashed automatically. When the TV BOX reboots, remove the micro SD Card, this step is very important, wait 4-5 minutes and the update will completed. Next, follow the regular procedure and flash back to your stock firmware if this was from another Amlogic device, everything should be back to normal now.

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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Please do not start new Threads relating to the same issue!
  3. Pippo Pelo

    Pippo Pelo New Member

  4. Pippo Pelo

    Pippo Pelo New Member

    No help for me?
  5. Pippo Pelo

    Pippo Pelo New Member

    I have unpacked last firmware and renamed Bootloader.PARTITION as u-boot.bin and Recovery.PARTITION as recovery.img, copied this two file with factory_update_param.aml and update.zip to SdCard
    When I power on with sd card boot recovery inserted after few seconds appear a Recovery, but give me many errors, I suppose for non presence of aml_autoscript and unlock_autoscript. In which mode I get this two files?
  6. TommyFox

    TommyFox New Member

    Help please!

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  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Why do you have multiple accounts?
  8. TommyFox

    TommyFox New Member

    From my smartphone I use Tapatalk and my post is under Tommy Fox

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  9. Pippo Pelo

    Pippo Pelo New Member

    thank's all for the help! Great forum!