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Help on Minix Neo X8 H

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by ManuelRod, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. ManuelRod

    ManuelRod Member

    Don´t worry be happy :) Let´s see if someone comes out with a solution for waking up the blue light , must be a secret out there to overcome the minix box problem :)
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  2. ssspacman

    ssspacman New Member

    By the way. The boxes that failed, did they all have random re-boots with the early roms? Mine had those random re-boots and crashes but they got solved with new software. Lately I had random audio cutouts.

    Minix also stated a long time ago that my Minix is giving ""too high Antutu score"".

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  3. ManuelRod

    ManuelRod Member

    Sorry for the late reply.But unfortunatly i have no knowledge about software updates etc... I tried to solve mine out as it was just giving a blue light and nothing would appear on the tv. I tried to flash it but always gave me an error.
    I sent my box to Villa who is trying to solve the problem.
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  4. ssspacman

    ssspacman New Member

    I really would like Minix to comment on this issue.
  5. kodiuser

    kodiuser New Member

    My minix neo x8h is rebooting randomly has anyone had this problem or know of a fix? the issue happens about 15 to 20 min after turning it on.
  6. ManuelRod

    ManuelRod Member

    ssspacman you me and many others who have faulty Minix boxes out there would like someone from Minix to comment on such problems that occur.Let´s see what happens if someone comes out with an idea to sort out the problem.
    Happy weekend to all :) and let´s think positive
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  7. Manuel Jose Freitas

    Manuel Jose Freitas New Member


    i need to connect a xbox one controller on minix neo x8-h
    it is possible?

    thank you

  8. ManuelRod

    ManuelRod Member

    Hi Manuel
    Unfortunatly i cannot help as i am not familiar with connecting minix to a xbox sorry.
    Maybe someone else can help let´s see if they reply

    All the best
  9. Siona

    Siona New Member

    Mine is in the same league :/

    I can connect but sending image is impossible :/
    sad - x8-H has working about 1,5y and died ... i think it is a problem with flash...
  10. ManuelRod

    ManuelRod Member

    Hi Siona
    Good Afternoon
    Sad to hear that your Minix Neo is also not working. It seems that the Minix Neo X8 has a factory issue ??
    As i dont have knowledge about how to fix mine i sent mine to Villa to see if he could try and sort it out but unfortunatly no luck :(
  11. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  12. akav05

    akav05 Member

    I also have this problem, I was sent to this thread by @Villa I just don’t understand why nobody from minix has responded to any of these issues they would have to be more knowledgeable on the subject and maybe have some answers. My unit cost me €180 and to think now it is jus a expensive paperweight jus irks me the wrong way as I feel we could do with a response from the minix team.
  13. akav05

    akav05 Member

    Is no1 from Minix going to respond? Why is this not being answered by anyone from minix, I’ve being to numerous threads on the subject and they haven’t responded to anyone about it, considering since questions that require jus a little bit of effort looking on the forum and being answered everyday?