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Help!!! Please recommend me a 4 bay NAS.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by ArcticWolf, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    I mainly use 4TB Western Digital Red edition, and 3To WD Red for an old Nas ;)

    To stocks movies, no ! You can save money by buying 5400 rpm drives.
  2. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Cool, thanks :).
  3. augur

    augur Member

    If you've got the NAS on a single Gigabit Ethernet connection your maximum theoretical transfer rate is 'only' 125MB/s (1000Mbps divided by eight), and with Ethernet overheads etc etc etc you'll be lucky to get much over 100MB/s. That's why you're not going to get any performance benefit using 7200rpm over 5400rpm.
  4. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Exactamundo ;).
  5. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    With Xpenology you can add a second network card for links aggregation (802.3ad) then you can reach a 250MB/s transfer rate :)
    The switch must be 802.3ad compatible.
  6. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member


    NAS arrived & I've physically installed the drives, everything seems OK so far.

    Any setup advise, recommendations for settings or which Synology packages to download please? Was hoping the OS was going to be simpler than this lol ;).
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  7. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator


    - take time to secure all access (forward port 5000 to 5001, change SSH port or disable it, choose a strong admin password, active double authentification (use Google authenticator)
    - My adice for the package : Multimedia server, video station, Webdav server, surveillance station, cloud station server and the one you want (read description).
  8. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Excellent, thanks for that mate :).

    The default setup is SHR (BTRFS) with no options to choose the file system or RAID type, etc. Should I just go with the default SHR/BTRFS, or delete the volume, etc. & manually configure using Ext4 & RAID 5 instead for my intended usage please?

    Thanks again for answering my annoying questions lol ;). I should be pretty much sorted when I know which file system to use. (I've searched extensively online for Ext4 vs. BTRFS but advise seems to be highly subjective indeed lol). What are your thoughts/preferences for a NAS that mainly stores multimedia? (Any critical files like documents, etc., I'll back up externally anyway).

    Thanks again :).
  9. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    You have 2 choices : BTRFS and EXT4
    BTRFS is more robust ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs ) with checksum, snapshots, EXT4 is a little bit faster.
    SHR is a raid system (better than raid 1), keep it if you want to protect important data (but it's not a backup !).
    For movies only, EXT4 remains a good choice.
    On my 3 Nas i use one EXT4 and 2 BTRFS.

    When your volume will be selected a surface test will be done, it takes long time but you can work during this test (slower).

    If you selected BTRFS a checkum test will be done every month and you'll receive a report by mail (data integrity).
  10. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Thanks ever so much :).

    I've ended up just running with SHR & BTRFS, it seems the simplest option, hopefully I won't lose too much space to the snapshots, etc.

    I've disabled the default admin account & created my own with very strong password. I'll add 2 stage login & use an authenticator too.

    As far as I can tell SSH is disabled. I used to use TELNET many, many years ago but obviously it is highly insecure, I can't see any reason why I'd need SSH now. I don't plan on needing WAN access to the NAS. I've also disabled QuickConnect, I won't need it!!

    Do I really need to start forwarding ports in my router if I'm not going to remotely access the NAS? Otherwise, did you mean forward ports 5000 & 5001??? If I'm only using my NAS over my LAN, am I going to need port forwarding? Am I missing something there please? (My ASUS modem/router has port triggering as well, IF port forwarding is required would port triggering do the job)?

    Kodi is seeing the NAS fine but for some odd reason movies that Kodi sees are all dated as 1905 lol!! Can't find anything online about that one. I haven't added the video station package yet though, am wondering if that might fix the date issue :).
  11. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    No you don't

    5000 is HTTP access
    5001 is HTTPS access
    you can forward 5000 to 5001 automaticaly with one click in settings. Always stay with secure connections even using local Lan.


    Never saw that.
  12. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Lol. Hopefully will find a fix somewhere for the date problems :).

    OK, will ensure everything is as secure as I can get it :).

    Cheers :).
  13. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Found out what was causing the problem with media files in Kodi all being dated as 1905. I was using UPnP to get up & running quickly! Additionally, whilst using UPnP Kodi also wouldn't resume playback if I stopped a movie halfway, etc. I had to keep starting at the beginning & jumping to where I left off. Obviously Kodi & UPnP don't get along too well, (my Kodi logs are frequently full of UPnP errors if I enable UPnP in the component specific logging). I found a couple of posts about this posted back in 2016 with Synology NAS, obviously the problem still hasn't been fixed lol.

    I've since set up NFS & everything is once again displaying correctly in Kodi & I can resume where I left off too :).

    One thing however, for the NFS hostname I've had to simply enter a * wildcard. If I attempt to use the specific LAN IP of my media players, Kodi then won't see the NFS share for some reason. The wildcard entry will have to do but I'd prefer to use specific IP's for security, etc. if possible. Any ideas from your experience with Synology NAS & NFS shares please??

    Am getting to grips with the DSM software a little more now but there's a lot of stuff in there I have no understanding of at all lol ;).
  14. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    As i stay in my LAN i setted up NFS with a * (all) too.
    I only use SMB with account on my first Syno. This one can be reached from outside.
  15. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Aahh ok, thanks :). Like you I'll only be accessing the movies & the NAS as a whole from my LAN only, not WAN. If it's common practice & acceptable to use the * wildcard for the hostname with NFS permissions then I'll just leave it as is :).

    Once again, help very much appreciated, thanks :).
  16. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    But, of course, you must secure your Lan from hackers access (Wifi with a real and strong password, WPA2, even MAC address whitelist if you can manage it in your router) ;)
  17. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf New Member

    Yup, my routers have always been secured with WPA2 encryption & I always use strong passes with a mix of letters, numbers & characters. I still need to turn on 2 stage login too before I forget ;). WPS is also always deactivated on my router, I've never trusted it :mad:!! I've always used MAC filtering whitelists for wireless clients too :cool:. Better safe than sorry.

    I don't know why, but the 1st time I set the NFS permissions to a specified IP on the NAS it didn't work, I couldn't access the shares from Kodi on the U9-H!!!! The NAS just ran a self security test & it flagged the * wildcard entry as a serious security weakness. I deleted the entry with the * wildcard & I've added an entry specifying the IP again & it's working fine now lol :). Must have been a glitch or something. I'm happier now that's more secure & I can add a list of IP's for my specific devices :).

    I see that the DSM has its own firewall. Do you have that enabled on your collection of NAS boxes? Do you use the DoS protection as well??

    Obviously my router has a decent hardware firewall & I use McAfee's top end security suite on all of my PC's & mobile devices which includes a software firewall as well. Or, would enabling the firewall on the NAS cause conflicts with the others, or other problems????

    One thing I'm not so sure about with all of this......
    When I log onto my NAS via the browser interface it's currently over an unsecured HTTP connection. Chrome is also telling me it's not secure. To enable an HTTPS connection am I going to need to mess around creating certificates etc???

    Sorry to bung even more questions at you :eek::eek:o_O:confused:.
  18. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Yes, on my main Syno. I use many services (Webdav, DS Cam, DS Note, DS Cloud, ...). All specific ports are open in my router (NAT).

    Yes, always.

    Nope, just think about what you want to do before. Write it on paper and apply the rules !
    Set a fixed IP address to the Nas, it's easier to manage.
    If you don't want to access the Nas by the Wan then no need to forward ports in your router.

    You have an option in setting to automaticaly forward HTTP connections (port 5000) to HTTPS connections (5001). Just click on it !

    No. Synology created an auto-signed certificate. Just select the forwarding option.

    More informations about ports forwarding