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X7 mini HELP to recover an X7 Mini - decrypt storage.

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by 5t0rm, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. 5t0rm

    5t0rm New Member

    HI everybody,
    first, let me thank you in advance for any tips that might help on solving this.

    I love my X7 mini and it always served me without issues, even after all these years. Last week, after powerup, I received the dreaded message to insert a password to decrypt storage. Also, on TWRP I receive the message that it cannot mount data...

    After some research, I found that one solution might be to "repartition" the box. the problem is that the current TWRP installed cannot do this work. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how can I repartition and reinstall the firmware?

    Am I on the right path? or should I look somewhere else?

    I saw some reports that it might be an hardware issue, but I would like to try the "format" option before assuming it.
  2. Mutt Daeng

    Mutt Daeng New Member

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