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How to create a full system backup / recovery (Windows tutorial)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64A Guides & FAQs' started by Gadget Friendly, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, heres a quick video tutorial on how to create a full eMMC backup of the internal storage of your Neo Z64A/W - In the event that you ever damage the OS in someway that makes it non-bootable you can use this precautionary method to clone your installation + apps to an SD Card which can later be used to restore from if need be.

    Credits for this method go to OP @ http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player...nix-z64/24622-full-emmc-backup-the-nitro-team

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  2. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    If you haven't tried Macrium Reflect Free, you should. It has a graphical user interface and is faster and almost fool proof. It can be used for both Android and Windows versions. Only thing is you have to install Macrium Reflect on a PC to create the rescue media. For Windows version backup the rescue media has to be made on Windows 32-bit. For Android, it has to be created on Windows 64-bit. The reason for this is Windows PE file downloaded will always match the installed OS.
  3. leolas

    leolas Member

    Great faq about how to use the tool :) Thanks.
    We (Nitroteam) modded a little, added some utilities and the scripts to make and restore the backups in a easy way, so credits too for the gparted live team who provided the gparted live usb img, a great tool to fix, repair and work with partitions in any PC.
  4. danywalkert

    danywalkert New Member

    This doesnt work!, is there any other method that actually works!?
  5. leolas

    leolas Member

    Why doesn't it work for you?
    It works for me and for a lot of people.
    Follow the instructions and it will work, or at least tell me why it didn't work for you.
    If you only say it don't work we can't help.
  6. danywalkert

    danywalkert New Member

    Followed the instructions and the backup fails , an error message is displayed that says the SD card is not big enough!, the SD card is 32 gb!, formatted it to FAT 32 and doesnt work, I searched on line and found a forum in which a lot of people complains about the same, so its not just me!, so back to my question, is there any other method or tool to use for this?, thank you!
  7. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Nitro Team's backup method does work, but occasionally you will run into quirks like this. As for a different method, it is also mentioned in this thread.
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  8. danywalkert

    danywalkert New Member

    lets leave at : sometimes works and sometimes doesnt!, didnt work for me and many others, bummer for us!

    About the other method, I see you posted about it, I have installed Macrium Reflect Free, would you mind pointing me into the right direction so I can learn how to back up and restore mi minix z64 with Macrium, any tutorials that you know of?, thank you!
  9. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Just follow these tutorials- http://www.top-windows-tutorials.com/backup/
    If you have Z64 Android, you have to install Macrium reflect on 64-bit windows and create the rescue media.
  10. danywalkert

    danywalkert New Member

    Thanks a lot and sorry for noob question but the tutorial seems to only explain how to create a rescue media file that would work on the computer in which macrium reflect its installed, would you mind telling me how it is done for the minix z64?
  11. bittvdoctor

    bittvdoctor New Member

    I run into the same problem as you danywalkert. I actually did get this to work succesfully once tho. It took me multiple times and tried multiple different sd cards and usb sticks not sure what the magic combination was but 1 time it worked. I have tried on multiple different boxes to repeat the process but I always get errors. I have also tried multiple different programs to accomplish this titanium somewhat worked 90% of my settings transfered to the cloned box. But it screwed up kodi which I can easily fix but still a pain the ass. I am going to find a solution and when I do I will post here. And I am with you on the macrium reflect I dont see how it works either looks pretty simple with windows but nothing on the net about it working with android.
  12. macarmagh

    macarmagh New Member

    Hi, I haven't carried out a backup yet but are you running into the FAT32 limitations of 4GB file sizes, if your backup file size is 4.1GB or higher then it wont write to your SD Card, it will have to be formatted in NTFS to write file sizes higher than 4GB.
    Looking at the video above the user has his USB/SD card formatted in FAT32 which will be OK for a clean box (under 4GB) but if you have any content on your Z64, the backup image size will be larger.

    A quote from the Nitro webpage:
    "If you do a factory reset on Z64A and then you back it up, the process will take about 20min in a class 10 microsd plus 2-3 minutes more for the checksum generation. The backup size will be around 2GB"
    "On my own z64A with some apps installed, kodi, addons, etc, the backup is 3.9Gb, so i need a 8gb microsdcard (4gb microsdcard is never 4gb for real, it's allways about 3.7gb)"

  13. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Here is the video showing how to create a full disk image and later restore it using Macrium Reflect Free edition v6.0. Two things: 1) You may have to use a Windows 64-bit PC to create the rescue media 2) Use Windows PE 4.0 for the rescue environment. It will not work with PE 5.0 on Z64 Android version. It takes about 5 min. to create a standard full disk image and 3-5 min. to restore the image.

  14. Wolfgang Murlebach

    Wolfgang Murlebach New Member

    Hi there,
    video is deleted,
  15. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    I have used macrium reflect on a z64 windows, z64 android and a x8h plus. Much better, thank you for your help.
  16. turboblade

    turboblade New Member

    How do you use macrium with android boxes
  17. bittvdoctor

    bittvdoctor New Member

    Hey guys it took me a while to get the process of this down. But it does work very well when you learn the steps. One note that was screwing me up when you put your micro sd card into the minix as well as your usb boot disk. You have to open the file manager/ES file explorer and click on the sd card & usb boot drives. Then reboot into the USB boot drive then back up. Once backed up put your usb and sd card into machine you want to clone and again boot up the box go into the file manager again and click on sd and usb drive. Then reboot machine into usb boot disk (nitro team) and restore (clone) minix neo z64a. Quick and dirty write up not exactly step by step but it should be a help if you are trying to accomplish this. You can also run into a problem where you need to flash box to factory if you screw up something up but I have never not been able to recover a box when. Good luck.

    Hope this helps someone as it took me quite a while to figure this procedure out