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How to: Install Windows 8.1 on the MINIX Neo Z64A (Windows Tutorial)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64A Guides & FAQs' started by Gadget Friendly, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Lee Gregson

    Lee Gregson New Member

    Hi I know you wrote this a while ago but where do you choose the usb from? Sorry if it is a silly question.
  2. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    You select the USB from UEFI menu.
  3. benzi

    benzi New Member

    Q:does the remote work on windows as well after converting from android?
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  4. CMinyoDM

    CMinyoDM New Member

    Just thought I'd post a note to help anyone who runs into an issue I did. Followed the guide, all looked to be going well, started to install windows and bam, windows can't find media drivers, can't be skipped through, drivers couldn't be found, tried again on an other usb, same issue, tried a few different reformats of it, tried again using the official windows 8.1 usb app, reached the same stage for same problem, tried suggested workarounds on the net for this which included loading a second usb with the same iso, tried enabling legacy, the 2 solutions which seemed to work for others, well it didn't work. After a lot of trouble the solution was this.


    so, to recap!
    1. flash bios as suggested in guide
    2. follow instructions on above link instead

    Done! go get yourself a cheap key to authenticate windows and I'm now running windows 8.1 pro with kodi 17 krypton for the cost of £3! (and some frustrating hours working it out!)