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How to play music with my TV OFF

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H Guides & FAQs' started by FredFR75, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. FredFR75

    FredFR75 New Member

    Hi, did somebody achieve to hear some music with the TV off ?

    I have configured the SDPIF output on my audio amplifier but when if switch my TV off it's automatically stops the Deezer or Spotify playing. The situation is the same when I just pull out the HDMI cable.

    I sets the CEC mode to OFF but it does not help.
  2. MuckyMark

    MuckyMark New Member

    I have the same issue using Spotify as soon as I turn the TV off it pauses the music, as far as I can tell I've disabled HDMI control, but like many settings Minix refuses to act on your preferences, frustration strikes as soon as I pick up the remote for this box, seriously thinking of selling the thing on ebay.
  3. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  4. MuckyMark

    MuckyMark New Member

    I have a fairly old (2012) LG TV that has limited ability for turning the screen off but it can be done in a messy eco way, the fact remains if you disable HDMI control within the Minix android settings it should do that! Is there any plan to fix this what should be a simple fix within the Minix OS?
  5. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Sorry but mine is not an old one, it is a LG OLED55B6V TV OLED 4K bought in 2017 !
    It would be nice for energy saving purpose if Minix can provide such a simple functionality to be able to run the music applications without the TV on.
    Best regards
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  6. MuckyMark

    MuckyMark New Member

    Yes especially as OLED displays age more rapidly than other technologies, I can understand why you want to turn off the screen while listening to music! come on Minix OS authors get the basic fundamentals of your BIOS right!