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How to set location permissions for apps?

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by rax369, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    In the Play Store I get, "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." "No eligible devices for app install."

    @rax369 how did you install the app?
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  2. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    Guys, please be aware that this sports streaming app is "geolocked" :cautious:

    So you won't be able to install it directly from Google Play Store. You must get the apk from sites like "apk pure" (just google for "FuboTV apk").

    BTW today they released another app version (v3.1.2), what was fixed? According to them: "updated geolocation flow" (yea right!) :ROFLMAO:

    However the issue remains, so the update was useless (already tried it!) :mad:

    Since can't add links to posts in this forum we're unable to leave the direct link to the apk, but googling "FuboTV apk" as stated before will make the trick :whistle:

    You should also consider using a Smart DNS Service like "Simple Telly" (between others) to cheat the service about your real location otherwise it won't run. Both services (either FuboTV & Smart DNS) will run on a trial period, however a credit card will be required (at least for FuboTV as I remember).
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  3. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    In my Android Playstore I can see it in the Lollipop devices (one of the phones and the Minix) reporting it is not available in my country. The Kitkat doesn't even show FuboTv. Only chance would be to follow your advice.

    But I don't think those software solutions would be able to trick the GPS coordinates. There must be a reason why the app demands permission to access the GPS, as your pictures are showing. Yet, as @Villa said, the fact Android TVs or related devices without GPS, can run it remains a mystery, since the situation that @Higgs mentioned regarding the Playstore doesn't apply as the app is downloaded from elsewhere. It could be that the TV accesses the FuboTV in some streaming service instead of an App, and there the VPN software would probably do...

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  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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  5. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    Why not? They won't charge you as long the trial period doesn't expire (which is 7 days).

    Just be sure to cancel the service from your account before the trial expires, so they won't charge your credit card. Let me know if that's fine. But from where you will run the test? Remember that from smart phones equipped with GPS (hence also from tables but with GPS I guess) it will run. Will be nice to perform the same test but from a table w/out GPS.

    Additionally let me inform you that I have also their app on my Roku, but there they don't require a GPS, since obviously that kind of devices don't come equipped with one.

    You can also watch their streaming channels directly from your PC @ their web page, but that doesn't make any sense for me, as I prefer to watch TV from a real TV, that was one of the reasons why I bought an android box! :unsure:

    *** EDIT ***

    Guys have you read the comments posted by different users in Google Play about this app? If not go ahead, a lot of users are complaining about the same "location issue". Definitely that's something they will have to solve, otherwise more users will leave, as there's a lot of confusion and complains about it!
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  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Like I said I'm not prepared to sign up giving credit card details as I would never use this service and don't even require a trial!
    I can help you sort this issue out or at least confirm that the I get the same issue.
    Other members quite often share there login with a reputable Admin/Mod of this Forum, but if you don't need any more assistance then this matter is closed I will move on to more needy issues!
    I would test on every device I have and every conotation of the app that will install on those devices!

    I'd like to point out that the androidtv app link on the FuboTV site takes you to the Play Store and the app says it's Designed for phones!
    I still don't think it is GPS related!
    Have you tested it on your phone with GPS off but Location on?
  7. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

  8. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    Wow... wow... hold your horses Villa! :eek:

    I have currently a problem with my account since today as it already expired. So I'm requesting an extension for the bad service received, however have not received any of their "flash replies" in my inbox yet, so I'm still waiting.

    @Higgs: Thanks for the advice.

    AFAIK that one was designed for the Amazon FireTV, which is a system I'm not related with. Do you know if FireTV runs on android? :confused:

    If it runs on android I guess would be worthy to run the test, let me know if you think would be possible to run that FireTV app on the Neo U1.

    Do you know where to get the latest version? (v1.8 according to the amazon site, as show in 1st screenshot added) the one you pointed @ is v1.6

    If a test will be performed, would be nice to do that on the latest version, as previous version of FuboTV are not working anymore or partially working, by own experience.

    Please also notice that on their own site, they are pointing to the apk I'm already using on my android box (2nd screenshot added), which BTW is exactly the one I pointed on previous posts on the site "apk pure", so for android boxes, that's the corrent app to be used.

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  9. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    If you are referring to the android TV link in the screenshot above then unless you are accessing Google playstore from an android TV device then you won't get the android TV app. Google playstore checks what android os you are using and will deliver the app version to match;
    Android TV OS = android TV app
    Phone/tablet OS = phone/tablet app

    Whether the firetv app will work or not on the Minix box, there's one way to find out..........
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  10. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    @Higgs: Tried to install the app from the link you provided. It won't install! :cry:
  11. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It installed for me!

    Have to Open it from here though. No icon in All Apps!


    This is what it looks like...

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  12. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    Then why is not installing here! :(

    How did you manage to install it? I guess you downloaded the apk (from the link Higgs posted) then ran it from the Minix right?

    What version was the one you installed? Googling around found the latest one released was v1.8

    Also you suggested the following before:
    Any idea how to do that? Can't find the way to just turn off the GPS on any of my phones.

    BTW I'm not using the default Minix launcher, but Nova Launcher, do you think that could be related to the fact is not been installed here?
  13. rax369

    rax369 New Member

    Upsss... you are right :eek:

    I thought it had not been installed because didn't find the app icon, but you're totally right it's there!

    Too bad, still haven't been able to find the latest version. If you manage to find it please let me known it.

    Do you know if would be possible to create a shortcut on desktop? Man! Would have liked to have this yesterday :sick: (will think on renewing my account later)

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  14. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

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  15. rax369

    rax369 New Member


    I contacted yesterday the guys from apk pure and they helped me by updating the app to its latest version so now it's already available. Unfortunately now that my account expired haven't been able to test it.

    That's something that I will add to my pendants (y)

    BTW apk pure has its own app which helps you to get or update all your apps installed on your android device even those geolocked or not available yet @ Google Play Store. That's how I realized they had already updated FuboTV apk for FireTV (and it even added the app shortcut to the desktop), you guys should give it a try, its kinda cool to have an alternative to Play Store! ;)
  16. Simonl

    Simonl New Member

    Hi guys, I have managed to install fubotv on my android phone but was not able to do so on my android box., the latter keeps asking me to on my Google location via GPS, where obviously my google location is always switched on but it's via WiFi instead. I installed my app using apk and I am using a strong vpn (vyprvpn)

    Hi Villa, Higgs, great to know that you can install AND RUN using fire tv apk on the android box!

    Hi Rax, do u have u have the latest apk url link (I presume it's via fire tv) for it to successful run on android box without the geolocked/gps/switching on google location issue?

    Thanks all

    So it's confirmed that we could play fubotv on android box using fire tv apk??
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