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How to: Update to newest firmware for MINIX X7 mini / X7 / X5 Mini / X5

Discussion in 'General Rockchip ( x5mini/x5/x7/x7mini )' started by m6242, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Denis Mahony

    Denis Mahony New Member

    Ah ! The pulsing blue 'Minix' is an indication that some background processing is taking place - as in : an update :)
    I waited a while with the 'pulsing blue' and it started up - perfectly . Great little box. :)

  2. fotis

    fotis New Member

    I apologize if this has already been answered. i am trying to find the latest firmware for minix neo x7 mini but i cant find the way to download the file. How i do that ?Please help.
  3. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    Download link (to be used for a Fresh install or pre CE210 versions)
    (drivers and Flashtool included)
  4. m6242

    m6242 Active Member

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  5. Carlos Arz

    Carlos Arz New Member

    I'm using a Windows 10 PC. got the RKBatchtool working with the driverInstaller ( that worked fine) but the drivers for the minix didn't work. I can tell cause when i do the process (including installing drivers when usb is plugged) there is a motification saying that the usb device is not being recognized + no devices show up as plugged-in in the batchTool.
    Can someone please help with drivers or solution for Windows 10? Thanks in advance
  6. m6242

    m6242 Active Member