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How to update with USB burning tool?

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Official Firmware Releases' started by Dilex, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Dilex

    Dilex Member

    Hi to everybody,
    what's the procedure to update the firmware by using USB burning tool, cause I'd like to do a clean update of firmware release 003?
    I push U1 in recovery mode by clicking the power button for about 6 seconds, then a long list of options appears in the Minix recovery menu, so I connect the USB-OTG cable to my pc, where the last version of USB burning tool (which was inside the firmware 003 RAR file) is installed, but then it doesn't recognized my U1.
    If I go to my hardware list, in Window XP, I can see my U1 with a yellow question mark, so it means it's revealed by the system and that the USB works.
    I've tried both USB Burning Tool versions v2.0.4.3 and v2.0.6.2_build2 but with no result.
    What's wrong in my procedure? Do I have to select some option of the list in recovery mode, such as "apply update from ADB" before connecting it with my pc?
    thanks in advance to all will help me
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  2. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

  3. Dilex

    Dilex Member

    Hi Villa,
    with the same pc I already flashed other android devices for which I installed also Google SDK tool to be used with ADB commands. So I don't know why U1 can't be recognized by USB burning tool. If I can I'll try with another pc but anyway it's strange.
    Anyway I'm looking for a guide for the procedure as Ken promised to post, cause I'm trying to flash a clean firmware to fix my passthrough issue with some files cause audio keeps clipping mostly with DTS audio
  4. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    I guess once it's in Recovery Mode and is connected to your PC with a successful connection, which we're not getting, the Burning Tool will indicate this and flashng is performed as per X8 series.
  5. Dilex

    Dilex Member

    Maybe after disable firewall settings on my pc and after some pc rebooting I've been able to flash the firmware but I'm having some problem that I didn't notice before flashing. For example Google+ doesn't work cause it "can't connect to the server" and if I go to Play Store to update it it tells is not compatible with this device and I can't either uninstall it.
    What I mostly notice now is that All Tasks Killer doesn't work anymore in fact when I use it then apps still remain active in background
  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Hello, the procedure is exactly the same as described in this thread:


    Except that:
    Step 3.) A new USB burning tool is already included in the FW003 package, use the new tool instead, no need to download from that link;
    Step 5.) Power up the device while holding the "Recover" button located at the side of the hub first;
    On U1 you only have to press and hold the power button for 6 seconds, no other button is necessary to get into flashing (recovery) mode.

    Let us make a new flashing guide for U1 this weekend, thanks.
  7. Dilex

    Dilex Member

    In fact I used the USB Burning Tool that was included in the FW003 and after installing it more than once and maybe disabling the firewall options in Windows then it works fine and I was able to do a clean flash.
  8. newbie99

    newbie99 Moderator Moderator

    1.) Download the firmware package (.rar)

    2.) Extract it, you will get the firmware image (.img) & the burning tool

    3.) Install the new USB burning tool which is already included in the package (choose English at the beginning)
    Choose "Install anyway" when system prompts for driver installation
    3a.) Start the USB burning tool

    4.) Connect the Micro USB cable supplied with the box between the OTG port of the box and your computer
    (Windows based);

    5.) On U1, press and hold the power button for 6 seconds,
    no other button is necessary to get into flashing (recovery) mode.

    6.) Upon successful connection the "Connect success" message will be displayed inside the application

    7.) Load the firmware image by selecting "File -> Import image"

    8.) After loading, the 1st and 2nd box of "Configuration", "Erase flash" (Normal erase) and "Erase bootloader", should be checked by default.
    If you want the machine to restart immediately after flashing, check the "Reset after success" option as well.
    Then, click "Start" to start flashing

    9.) The upgrade process will take approximately 2-3 minutes, the last 5-10% takes longer time to complete,
    and you MUST make sure the power can't be disconnected during the upgrade (of course also the OTG) or your box could become a brick

    10.) Upon successful upgrade, the application will display the message "Burning successfully"
    then it's safe to unplug the power (and also the OTG! otherwise it will start to burn again after repower on if the USB burning tool is still running ;) )
    and connect your hub back to the TV for 1st start (which is also very important and takes some minutes);

    So about 1st start:
    It's very important that you DO NOT cut the power off from the hub during the 1st start,
    since preloaded apps. will be installed in the background, if you power it off in the middle of the installation, some preloaded apps. might become be missing.

    NOTE: Always use the "Normal erase" option


    For those who get this error:
    You have to run the BurningTool with Administrator privileges at the PC (eg. I'm using an old NB running XP SP3 to do all the jobs with my boxes I have)
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  9. Dilex

    Dilex Member

    Thanks a lot Newbie99 for your sharp and exhaustive answer
  10. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I've edited the guide prepared by @newbie99 , thank you.
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