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How to use the Neo K1 remote...power on, power off, etc...

Discussion in 'NEO K1 & K2 Keyboards' started by Kris King, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Kris King

    Kris King New Member

    I cannot find anywhere on the internet on how to use the Neo K1 remote. The instruction manual that came with it is useless so, how do I turn on & off my box with this thing and any other useful tips and tricks anyone can provide will be extremely appreciated and helpful.
  2. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    You can't!

    Which box?
    I see from your other posts you have a U9-H.

    If that is the case then you have to navigate to the Power Menu and Power Off, but you will have to use the stock IR remote to turn it back on.

    The K1 keyboard is intended for PCs running Windows OS.