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howto - enable GPS

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Guides and FAQs' started by Wal, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Wal

    Wal New Member

    Hardware :
    USB GPS Mouse with PL2303 Chip - My Navilock USB GPS Modul NL-302U
    Minix X8-H
    Sygic and Google Maps testet

    1. you must have root:whistle:
    2. add in the build.prop "ro.kernel.android.gps=ttyUSB0" and "ro.kernel.android.gps.speed=4800"
    3. make a directory "/system/lib/modules" and copy "pl2303.ko" in the directory
    4. copy "gps.default.so" in "/system/lib/hw"
    5. copy "install-recovery.sh" and "init.gps.sh" to "/system/etc"
    6. set permission 755
    7. reboot

    that's all(y)

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  2. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Neat trick for a car PC! Seems you are almost ready with your screen and all! Perhaps a nice tutorial with pics of the installation on the way? :)
  3. Wal

    Wal New Member

    when I'm done with all:D
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  4. troy ross

    troy ross New Member

    Any updates on the navigation set up?
    I'm looking to install in Car
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Very interesting application, sticky.
  6. troy ross

    troy ross New Member

    Any suggestions I have a 10.1 hd screen with touch ready I just need a android source with gps capability
  7. daracerz

    daracerz New Member

    Wal, awesome post and thanks for the data, came in real handy!!

    After the posted procedure, the GPS device is found and acquiring satalites, but it seems to be in an endless loop. Using GPS Test, I can see the unit start acquisition, gets about 7 satelites in view, and the moment 1 or 2 satelites turn "green", the unit appears to go through a reset and will either come on with circles or triangles in the gps tracker view. The unit I am using supports both GPS and GLONASS. I believe this is the problem. Does this driver support GLONASS receivers and know how I can modify it to get it to work?

  8. MonsieurKees

    MonsieurKees New Member

    Thanks Wal. I have done this on a NEO X5 with fw 240 and a Globalsat ND-105c USB GPS receiver (Globalsat gpsinfo app from playstore is very unstable).

    Unfortunatily I don't get it workimg. I have the feeling that the pl2303.ko driver isn't loaded at all.
    When I run Lsmod it shows only 8 modules and no pl2302.ko
    It's impossible to mount /system rw, so I cannot load the driver manually for further investigation.
  9. Chaminda

    Chaminda New Member

    I have BU-353S4 USB receiver and can't get it to work using the above method.
    Its says "set permission 775" - Is that for all the files copied?

    I'm not sure if pl2303.ko supports the newer receivers