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I want to play Angry Birds 2 but have problem

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by Moto Man, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Moto Man

    Moto Man New Member

    OK I was excited about getting an Android box so I could play Angry Birds 2 on a big screen but when I tried to play it I could not figure out how to make the playing field larger and smaller.

    Unfortunately it is one of those games that if you cant adjust the screen size for each level the game is almost impossible to play.

    I use a key board and mouse with my Neo U1. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to do to make the game playable. I don't play too many games so I was really looking forward to playing Angry Birds 2 on something besides my phone.

  2. Malusi

    Malusi New Member


    My first post here. Just got the U1 and suffering from the same problem. Bought the U1 for my kid so that he could play angry birds on the tv.

    Can someone please assist me with figuring this out ?
  3. Malusi

    Malusi New Member

    sorry no fix as of yet. havent been able to come right. no one seems to have a solution
  4. Murtlap

    Murtlap New Member

    i have the same issue till now have not found the solution