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Info needed! ( streaming apps that keep loading )

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by HardwareGuru, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    MINIX is working on these. just be patiant.

    Thanks for all your input guys (y)
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  2. Yogi

    Yogi New Member

    Just an update re nba league pass app and watching video. I know it has been said the infinite loading loop has been fixed. Just noticed that the app pushed an update yesterday and the problem seems to be different. All the streaming menus now display as does Sound. However instead of the loading screen it's now a black screen. Whatever minix did to fix the issue I hope it still Stays fixed in light of This.
  3. skyzo2000

    skyzo2000 Member

    When a new firmware will be released with fix for Bein sports and NBA app ?
  4. Yogi

    Yogi New Member

    Fingers crossed for soon. Watching sports on my cruddy old Lenovo laptop is awful. Have to hold the thing up to my face like it's a 4kg tablet to see where the ball is. Even the slightest glimmer of light obscures any screen visibility.

    Even though it is hideously expensive nba league pass is still the best option for most international viewers. Tried ball streams and although the quality is top notch the servers just can't handle the load - end up getting below 1mbps stream even though my connection is about 25. Joys of living in new Zealand
  5. TheMystery

    TheMystery Member

    @HardwareGuru, with the today's update of the RTL xl app the video does not start anymore maybe its a same problem as with the other apps.
  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    This week, thanks.
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  7. Ian

    Ian New Member

    yeah going to be amazing :) ..hopefully NHL Game Center is fixed also
  8. tacester

    tacester New Member


    Streaming app used is NetTV Plus (Ex Yugoslavian Channels)

    Video stream plays for 10 seconds then freezes after which logcat reports similar errors you posted in your original comment, in particular amplayer HTTP redirects 403 Forbidden.

    I was able to stop the stream from freezing by changing these lines in the build.prop and restarting the box.




    After doing the above m3u8 stream works fine until I change the channel which then results in the black screen with audio for all other channels. I can watch any channel provided it is the first channel I watch. All subsequent channels after having first watch another channel get the black screen with audio issue.

    This issue only happens when the video format selected within the NetTVPlus app is m3u8, changing the video format to mpeg solves the problem and all channels stream fine.

    I also tested the app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and work perfectly fine.

    Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.
  9. tacester

    tacester New Member

    Has there been any progress made on this problem yet?
  10. tacester

    tacester New Member

    I just tested the new 003 update and can confirm that it has not fixed this problem. m3u8 stream on nettvplus app still freezes after 10-15seconds of playback.

    Setting media.amsuperplayer.enable=false in build.prop allows playback for more than 10 seconds but does not let you change channel as you end up with black screen with audio only.