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Install Play Store apps from PC

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H PLUS 007 firmware via MINIX FOTA' started by Vim Fuego, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Vim Fuego

    Vim Fuego New Member

    Apologies if this is already covered (I didn't want to trawl through 13 pages).

    Often I will use my PC to browse apps on Google Play store and tell it to download them to my X8-H Plus, problem is all too often unless I have WiFi turned on in the X8 the apps will not download and they stall and the list piles up. I understand this is so people on a phone don't accidentally download a 400Mb app using mobile data. But if possible can the Minix firmware be changed so if it has an Ethernet connection it will download all these "WiFi only" apps? I have tried the mimic Wifi setting but that didn't seem to help. Thanks.

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  2. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    It sounds to me that you are reporting a setting in Google Play, that you can change, as a firmware bug?

    Try this:
    Open Google Play -》Settings -》 General -》Auto-update apps -》 make sure you don't have the last option selected ("auto-updates apps over wifi only"), but choose the 2nd one, "auto-update aps at any time. Data charges..etc..."
    Connect your Minix over ethernet and try again.
    If you have too many apps in the downloading phase, stop them and try one by one, in the 1st phase.
  3. Vim Fuego

    Vim Fuego New Member

    Thanks, I shall give that a try.