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IPTV usage on neo x7 mini

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by otchill, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. otchill

    otchill Member

    Dear all,

    I started to use IPTV program on x7, my program is GSE IP TV as apk. Should i use IPTV on kodi?
    Is there any problem to use IPTV apk on this android device (X7)?
  2. funjamas

    funjamas New Member

    The Kodi version here is s special one for the minix box. Because of the the last stable update for the minix firmware,this version is at least 2-3 old.

    I wouldn't bother trying to watch IPTV on Kodi (XBMC version). Kodi is a resource hungry pig on the machine, you'd be be better off getting some smaller free dedicated apps and adding them separately.

    Try :
    IPTV Extreme,
    Smart IPTV (£5 after a one week free trial)
    Stb Emulator Pro
    Perfect player

    I'll take a look at GSE IPTV, myself as not seen that one myself,
    Anyway on this machine, I'd forget Kodi for IPTV, just my opinion of course.