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IR Receiver Location?

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by DAK, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. DAK

    DAK New Member

    Just purchased a NEO X8-H and want to move it into my home theater box in other room.

    I can not find the IR receiver on the X8-H box!

    Your help is appreciated.


  2. JimBobVFR

    JimBobVFR Active Member

    There's an internal picture here: http://hwswbits.blogspot.co.uk/

    I think the IR is the bit I've highlighted in the attached screenshot, so about a third in on the front.

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  3. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    im tempted to drill a small hole to try improve the IR range, as its quiet poor, possibly down to the case thickness. hopefully it will improve it.
  4. DAK

    DAK New Member

    I agree with you about the hole. The M1 Gyro is incredible to use but the IR mouse, not so much. Unfortunately I need IR for the home theater box in the other room. The idea of a hole in the box has merit.

    Thanks all.
  5. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    Just drilled a hole in my box and put a small lens (cover off a gel push connector) in its place, not the neatest but were I put my box it's not even noticable. The power light led doesn't even shine through.

    Wow what a difference, I don't have to point the remote at the box anymore. Really glad I did it now.

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  6. JimBobVFR

    JimBobVFR Active Member

    Excellent I may very well do the same once I get my X8H (it's arrived and I've had a play but its now wrapped up for Christmas)

    I am hoping that the uber powerful IR emitters on my Philips Pronto remote make a difference but it's good to know it can be improved if necessary.
  7. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    thankfully for this mod! i'm pulling my hairs off having to walk to the device to wake it from sleep! not covering the hole at the moment.. prolly just use clear tape.
    thanks again sir!
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  8. Damir

    Damir New Member

    I drilled 3mm hole from inside, both for IR receiver and power LED. Didn't went fully through, stopped just below the surface, so it is almost invisible from the outside.

    Need some patience, bit well worth it.

    IR range is now much better, remote works in any direction. Power LED is visible even on daylight.

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  9. Jørgen Bo Madsen

    Jørgen Bo Madsen New Member

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