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X7 Issue with all Audio disabling

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by Andrew, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Hello all,
    Over the past couple of weeks I have been having a problem with sound disabling on my X7. System and apps are all as up to date as possible on the X7.
    I currently have 3 different version of Kodi, (Minix, Kodi 16 and SPMC 16) but use SPMC as it does not suffer the audio dropouts (not this issue).

    The problem is not Kodi as the sound is disabled also when navigating the Minix Android desktop (eg moving from app icon to app icon or between options in settings or other menus etc.
    It occurs mostly if I pause playback or even when I leave the box on a menu or desktop for a few minutes.

    The issue is resolved by going into the Android Settings menu and changing the Sound device selection away from HDMI to any other option and then back again (see image attached).
    I pass the sound through to my Marantz 6010 AVR via the HDMI cable (of course).

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why this may be happening and anything I can do to resolve it? I have recently been thinking of upgrading to an HEVC compatible box so maybe my trusty X7 is upset with me?

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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Yes, I do. SPMC 16 fixes the DTS dropout issue and works fine but the X7 seems to drop sound altogether and no apps (Kodi or anything else) sound works either when this happens. The problem would seem to be the X7 but seems to be easily fixed by changing the Android sound device and switching it back again. Like a sound reset. It's just a pain to have to do that.