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Issues with U9-H

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by mirfarali, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. mirfarali

    mirfarali Member

    I previously had the X8-H+ and it was a great box. I recently upgraded to U9-H and I am a little disappointed actually. Two major gripes for me:

    1. The LAN connection disconnects randomly even though the notification shows that it is still on. So I have to go into Settings, then toggle the LAN to OFF > ON then it works again. This happens every time. I have done practically everything upgrading the firmware, resetting the box, switching off everything then on again from the router itself etc. But still nothing solves the problem. I had previously posted about it as well but none of the suggestions worked.

    2. A couple of months ago, the OTA update stopped working. The message displayed says something like "WiFi is damaged so the update cannot be done". Now my WiFi is working fine and it connects nicely to the network but for some reason, the OTA does not work. So I have to update the firmware manually.

    I would go back to the X8-H+ but I gifted that to my in laws already lol.