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It is possible to install windows creator update

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by xixou, May 19, 2017.

  1. dadorail

    dadorail New Member

    That wasn't my experience. It repeatedly failed to upgrade citing issues with the reserved partition. After increasing the size of the partition, it upgraded.
  2. kav2001

    kav2001 New Member

    It always fails until you erase the temporary files

    Its up to you guys if you want to resize your partition but doing so at best is wasting memory space and at worst will cause issues if partition is not done properly

    Both in this thread and on Microsoft's webpage they show the correct way to install updates when error is received and it does not have anything to do with partitioning
  3. alex9093

    alex9093 New Member

    I have tried to follow these instructions. Unfortunately I am not able to acess the Y system Partition and go further despite typing the command

    it is like it does not find it. it finds the C: and other noname drive / see photo

    any idea ? thanks

    sorry it is french

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  4. kav2001

    kav2001 New Member

    mountvol y: /s