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Just a disappointing

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by Wush14, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. condoliza

    condoliza New Member

    I am a 'newbie' ,not very IT savvy. (Android /smart phone was it that ;))

    Anyhow i am extremely happy with my U9-H,no issues at all,plus a ton of information support and updates.

    Thank you Ken and Minix.
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  2. David_Cole

    David_Cole Member

    Wow... All business isn't good business... This circus clown I love my neo u1 and u9-h.

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  3. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    I corrected my last bug tonight so now , for me of course, U9 is a perfect box ! (y)
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  4. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Just brought a U9, basically it's a rubbish Android streaming box.

    Nothing streams in 4k no YouTube no Netflix, only 4k with kodi on local / network shares which it plays very well.

    Definitely not worth the money, if you want 4k streaming go Nvidia Shield TV or Amazon Fire.

    If you want a Kodi box, there are cheaper options at 1/2 or 1/3 of the price.

    I have wiped it and loaded LibreELEC or it would have been total waste for money as a paperweight.

    Only hope is Android 7 firmware will fix it, shame as the specs are good.
  5. Smartie36

    Smartie36 Active Member

    Apart from the bug where the U9 crashes to a black screen and then the minix glowing logo appears and no matter how long you wait it just stays on the minix logo until the power is pulled and reconnected, apart from that I'm happy with my U9. I've seen a few others on here say they've had the same crash happen to them, hoping that gets fixed in a future firmware update.

    Also the minix U9 is the first android tv box I've had that's got enough power to max out my connection when running through a vpn with full aes 256 bit encryption so that's great to see. All the cheap android TV boxes I had used previously before getting my first minix box couldn't handle high encryption and my Internet speeds were cut by around 90%!!

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  6. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    shame you introduced yourself with a comment like

    good way to start
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  7. CLT

    CLT New Member

    My experience on stock rom straight out of the box was not good to say the least, Google Play Store issues, Netflix hack to get FHD & generally loads little of bugs.

    The hardware engineering is good (I like the heatsink design) with high quality build and A3 remote is great. It's the only hardware box running aml s912-h soc available in here.

    Running LibreELEC 8 via SD card on it now. Everything runs very smooth, 4K HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio pass through via HDMI.

    Even auto resolution / framerate switching works now based on media format, the U9 plays 4K media up to 400mbps bitrate @60fps over the network.

    U9 running Linux / Kodi is serving me better.
    Others U9 owners may be using their U9 units do other activities which meets their needs. For me the U9 was meant to replace my old Apple TV as my main streaming box but it's failed to do that.
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  8. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    You just became a member, new to the U9 and you've determined it's rubbish already ! You mention a few other brands, curious why you didn't purchase one of those then ??
    Is the U9 perfect ? no, but what brand is o_O Does it still have some bugs ? absolutely ! Is it Rubbish ? far from it !
    Have you seen this ?... I and others would tend to agree !

    It's a "Shame" you haven't given it more time before determining it's rubbish :rolleyes:
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  9. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Thanks for the article

    No brand is perfect and I don't expect U9 to be either. Yes, I am a new member but have had the U9 for overs 8 weeks now. Was running stock andriod for about a month before switching various custom Roms then LibreELEC.

    My home setup is based around Dolby Vision and Atmos so I would like to use it after spending a lot of money on it.

    Issues with other major brands...
    Apple TV 4k - No audio bitstream pass through
    Nvidia Shield TV 2017 - No Dolby Vision
    Amazon Fire 4K - No Dolby Vision

    I chose amls912-h SoC because...
    Video Support: HDR10, Dolby Vision and HGL
    Audio Support: Dolby Atmos and DTS-X
    Also it's licenced hardware so audio can downmix or pass through.

    Obviously I didn't do enough research the software part on the U9, I needed Android TV 7 OS based box.
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  10. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    How many Dolby vision movies do you have on your HDD ? o_O
    There's almost nothing in this format !
  11. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Have over 50 movies with Dolby Vision.
    Netflix premium offers Dolby V on lots on its content. amazon will offer Dolby, VUDU and Apple.
    future Blu ray will carried Dolby Vision as the premium standard with HDR10 as default except for Warner Bros / Fox.

    I believe Dolby Vision & Atmos with DTS-X will be premium standard for 4k, HDR10 and DD 7.1 / DTS 7.1 being standard 4k.

    The U9 under stock Android rom doesn't deliver any of this from any of the content providers available. At least give us support for one of the content providers.

    Forget 4k HDR and just give us 4k streaming - No.
    OK forget 4k, give us 1080p streaming - can't that either.

    Have ordered a Nvidia Shield TV 2017 so I can get 4k streaming. U9 will be ebayed or retired when the Shield arrives as its no good to me.
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  12. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  13. CLT

    CLT New Member

    I know the Nvidia Shield TV doesn't support Dolby Vision but it does 4k streaming on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon etc... Something the U9 can't do.

    HDR10 is standard on all blu ray
    Dolby Vision is premium HDR

    Can't you guys not understand I want premium HDR and not pants 720p Netflix on the U9. If you're happy with pants streaming - great!

    Go to blu-ray com and see how title are available in DV - there are loads out there.
  14. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Well, it's your choice, i respect it ;)
    I actually remux and recode most of my HDR 4K BT2020 rip to save space. Quality is so close, you must have an eagle sight to see the difference, but i saved from 40 to 60% space on my HDD :)
  15. Wush14

    Wush14 Member

    Last update for this box back in October, no android 7 on a box that’s cost €150 I have already guided people that were due upgrades elsewhere. But hey along comes the free test box users to defend what once was a great box back in the day.
  16. David_Cole

    David_Cole Member

    Your crying and bitching isn't going to fix anything.... Having the latest version of Andriod doesn't solve anything. Do everyone here a favor and delete your account.

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  17. Wush14

    Wush14 Member

    Oohh look big boy keyboard warrior ✊ I’ll bitch all I like and you’ll do NOTING
  18. David_Cole

    David_Cole Member

    Throwing a temper tantrum like a child... Very impressive kid.

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  19. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Quality is a big difference between the 2 standards, hence why they have developed HDR10+ to rival Dolby.

    HDR10 is the free part released from Dolby to show what their tech can do, whether it’s worth the increase to HDD space 40 - 60% - I will leave that up to you
  20. Grencola

    Grencola Member


    Could you please let me know how you are watching dolby vision files in libreelec?? I have a good collection but they're all .mkv so I can only get hdr10 to work. Do you convert the full bdmv folder to .ts or mp4 perhaps, as those are the only two formats that handle DV? I read the DV Metadata can't be read from the .mkv container, so do you know if it's too late or not once it's mkv to convert to a dv format or do you need to start fresh from the source? I can see the 2nd video file (the DV Metadata) still inside the mkv but i can't get at it :( Thanks!