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Just a disappointing

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by Wush14, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Tomislav Gal

    Tomislav Gal New Member

    I think that topic in this thread is missleading. My u9 is the best media player by far compared to others. I tried Rpi3, ordroid, mygica, pc, etc. Minix is top of the line. Team will release update and we will get android 7 or 8. Regards.

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  2. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Depends what you call the best media player.
    Everyone's version of the best is different.
    U9 didn't do what I wanted / brought it for.
    So to me its a disappointment also the GUI is disgusting (are the developer colour blind

    U9 is on ebay, looks like I will recoup 60-70%
    I have a Nvidia Shield TV now and it does what i need.
  3. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  4. CLT

    CLT New Member

    Stock GUI is disgusting - this is coming from my wife and children, normally they even don't gives a monkey what the interface looks like.

    Agreed. Those custom launcher does looks good, why isn't the U9 like that straight out of the box?
    Instead of the disgusting green and grey colour scheme they have.

    Anyway, several bids have come in on eBay so soon I will no longer be a U9 owners and none of this will matter.

    We can keep going on and on, let's just agree to disagree. You like the U9, I like Nvidia Shield TV.
  5. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    You cannot compare the two devices. And they really are catering to two different user groups.

    The MINIX U9 runs the touchscreen version of Android. It is not Netflix approved nor Google certified, but is a more flexible DIY device

    The NVIDIA Shield runs officially licensed and certified Android TV and is Netflix approved. However it has limitations too. The glaring one is no auto colorspace switching for mixed SDR / HDR. You actually end up with wrong color outputs unless you manually fiddle around deep in Android settings all the time.
    The lack of a Dolby Audio licence has also caught more than a few people out as well.

    Most people actually do some proper pre purchase research on what they are actually buying first. There are plenty of reviews around for both devices.

    Expecting Amazon Video for example to run on anything but Amazon Hardware, a NVIDIA Shield or Apple TV really shows how very little pre-purchase research was done in the first place.

    Man up and simply say you bought the wrong device for your actual needs.
  6. CLT

    CLT New Member

    If you read my previous posts - I stated I didn't do enough research on the software side of things on the U9. Doesn't mean I am wrong, since someone else started this thread so there must be others whom are disappointed.

    However I never expected it to be this bad. Its sold a a 4k hdr streaming box - but it can stream anything in 4k. Minix team lie and lie to you about updates.

    Basically I sick of all this shit and purchased something else. Everyone has their own opinion but just binning mine without understanding means your just an arse.

    Yes NS TV has limitations but U9 has more limitations. The Dolby licence is a non issue as I have a DSP amp. HDR to SDR colour space is not issue, works perfectly fine on my box and tv. You U9 fanboys can keep your U9.

    I just keep watching Netflix in 4k HDR on my Nvidia Shield TV.

    PS: I didn't pay all this money to have reprogramme the U9 myself if thats we I wanted the I would purchased a Pi3
  7. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    before we say goodbye to you and your arse make sure you point your potential ebay puchasers to this thread so they know what they are buying ...wouldnt want them making the same mistake as you did :eek:
  8. g1471

    g1471 New Member

    I think it' time for some honesty. Belittling anyone who voices disappointment at the U9 is nothing more than school yard bulling. Now before everyone jumps down my throat with "it's not the product it's you" I have a x8 and an x8-plus both of which i was very happy with. My usage is to stream my media, through plex or kodi plus various addon,watch freeview and iptv to each tv in various rooms around my house.
    After kodi required android 5 and above I decided to upgrade as several kodi addons stopped working etc... My natural choice was the minix u9 I ignored all the shield rumblings and got the u9. From the off it froze, crashed and struggled to do what it's predecessors had done so well before it. I purchased a Shield about two weeks later. It hasn't missed a beat using it for the exact same functions. Firstly I relegated the u9 to the kitchen diner tv and the shield permanently paired with my Samsung 55 4K.
    Even with less usage demand it crashed and froze. I once again relegated it. This time to my bedroom. Where it performs very hit and miss. I have since purchased a second shield which serves my kitchen diner tv. I am now considering a third shield as I need stable consistent performance not the u9's "see how we get on" offerings. The shield has updated maybe 4 - 5 times since I've had it. Each update offers additional improvements and functions to an already very good system. Where as the u9 updates are to fix basic functions it's supposed to perform but doesnt. As for dolby I have a atmos capable receiver and it delivers perfectly.
    Like it or not the Shield is a better device. Minix like it or not have dropped the ball. I originally purchased minix after research showed minix produced high class high performance products. I no longer think that is the case unfortunately.
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  9. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    I'm curious how you are getting proper full motion deinterlacing of Freeview OTA TV to playback properly with Android Kodi Krypton on the Shield or the MINIX U9 for that matter ?

    Because here are a few Android Kodi Krypton basic facts. These are facts, not opinions and no one is talking out of their arse:

    - deinterlacing for OTA TV is broken and unreliable when using Android Kodi Krypton on ALL Android platforms:

    - Android Kodi Krypton cannot auto resolution switch 1080p <<-->> 4K to let your 4K TV's hardware do it's 1080p > 4K picture upscaling with it superior upscaling hardware. It's well known the Shield has below average picture upscaling vs the competition (especially Apple TV 4k's) . The U9 is not much better.

    - If you have a NVIDIA Shield, it has no Firmware support in it's Android Nougat OS for auto colorspace switching/conversion. Result = incorrect color outputs unless you like manually fiddling with Android settings all the time:

    These three reasons are why I never use Android Kodi Krypton day to day on any Android platform but instead use the better bug free and optimised LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.

    As I keep saying everyone has different needs, and you need to do pre-purchase research.

    Some people need Kodi to be near 100% working, others need tablet/touchscreen Android and for others especially those with non tech family members - the all rounder media players running Android TV or tvOS on the newer Apple TV 4K are much easier to use.
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  10. keanustar

    keanustar Active Member

    I owned a X8, U1 and now a U9 for about a year or so. I was very pleased of the U1 and X8, but I needed something with HDR.
    I didn't bought the Shield last year just becase I needed the Optical output, but now that I don't I would definetly go for it instead of the U9. I cannot say it doesn't do what I need now, but to get here and to be able to use it this way, I had to wait almost 6 months to get the right updates. And make sure I didn't require much of it, but to be able to watch movies and tv shows fron an USB HDD, as advertised (10 bit and HDR). Unfortunately, I see that every new Minix box it's like a kickstarter project, rather than a final product.
    Even so, the much anticipated update to Android 7, it is still pending, even if it was promissed many months ago.
    People are saying "why do you need android 7?"... yeah, maybe you don't, but at least you need security updates, since this device connects to the internet and has some of your private info on it.
    I'm not even sure Minix support people are still working on something, since their presence on the U9 threads is not felt anymore.
    I would definetly recomend the U9 to people that would like to do more with a media player than watching or streaming movies and don't get annoyed by constant crashes, no security updates etc.
    For those who just want to just watch movies from HDD or to stream them, go for the Shield. It is far the better out of the box experience, as well as the more user friendly between the two.
    After 3 Minix boxes, I can say for sure that this is the last one I would buy from this brand.

    Happy Friday!
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  11. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    "I'm not even sure Minix support people are still working on something, since their presence on the U9 threads is not felt anymore." -
    We are working on new firmware, more news will be made available at the appropriate time.
    Though official presence on the NEO U9-H thread has dropped recently, it doesn’t mean work isn’t going on behind the scenes.
    We’re still committed to supporting and providing further updates for NEO U9-H.
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  12. Sky-News

    Sky-News Member

    I'm not even sure they still in Bussiness, I have sent emails and not one reply.
    This U9 may have been the death of Minix?
    I wonder why all the units have the same serial number 0123456789abcdef...?
    Also had seen a lot of special pricing online ...clearing remaining stock?

    Unit freeze have to restart by pulling the mains, still have green screens at times? I don't know but this is probably the last Minix "android box" we will see.

    Maybe pretty good as a paperweight but that's about it.
  13. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    "I'm not even sure they still in Bussiness" -
    I've literally just posted a message less than 2 hours ago saying new firmwares for MINIX NEO U9-H will be released...of course the company is still in business...

    "I have sent emails and not one reply." -
    You sent me a private email approx. 15 mins ago...I can reply direct to it here...MINIX still exists.
    Before that you sent me a private email in December, I replied to that.

    Let's not be so dramatic.... :eek::eek:o_Oo_O
  14. Sky-News

    Sky-News Member

    I never got a reply re the wifi speed a few months ago? and as you know the lightning killed my last U9, however, the new unit is not any better.
    Now with the new unit having a silly serial number, I cannot use it as the provider is not happy with the serial number as it has been registered to someone else ???
    What is the reason for the serial numbers all being the same?
  15. Nuno Craveiro

    Nuno Craveiro New Member

    It would also be nice if you replied the question regarding Neo X6 firmware... thank you in advance.
  16. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Please tag me in the specific thread, it helps to save time. Much appreciated.
  17. Smartie36

    Smartie36 Active Member

    While I have had my U9 crash to the minix logo a few times, it hasn't stopped me using my box how I want to use it and I also find rebooting the box every few days instead of using sleep 100% of the time helps to prevent the crash I'm experiencing as since I started to reboot the U9 every few days before I use it I haven't experienced the minix logo crash.

    Should I have to take these steps, nope, my, U1 worked flawlessly and didn't require a reboot every few days to keep it working correctly but I certainly wouldn't call the U9 good as a paperweight and nothing else, I'm using mine for what I brought it for, watching videos on kodi.

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  18. Sky-News

    Sky-News Member

    The Minix logo crash happens pretty often, sometimes turn on the TV and AV Reciever and its one perfect Blue screen have to pull the plug and restart, switch HDMI to say Chromcast or Other device when I come back to U9_H HDMI the U9-H shuts down ?? have to hit the power button to get it on again.
    I'm just finding this unit more of a problem than my last U9-H that the lightning killed.

    I was thinking maybe dump this device and go for the Nvidia Shield, but seen some complaints re Dolby pass through ?? So yeah I don't know and John does not reply to emails these days.

    I really don't know what to replace it with?
    And firmware after firmware it never gets sorted, I wish minix would develop something better with more Ram for starters and let's get past this troublesome U9-H, I would buy another Minix unit but it would have to way better than what they been playing with and trying to fix for far too long.
  19. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    "John does not reply to emails these days."
    Customer support is offered via our official customer support email address: support@minix.com.hk
    My personal email address should not be used as a channel for direct customer support.
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  20. JJ-KwiK

    JJ-KwiK Active Member

    @Sky-News - the answer to your serial number question is in the changelog for the FW006 update. They fixed the problem if you update the FW via OTA.

    Have you been updating via burning tool? May help to read the changelogs...