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Just a disappointing

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by Wush14, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    That is a standard HDMI CEC function.
    You can go into Android settings and Turn Off the HDMI CEC One key power Off option or simply disable CEC completely on the U9 and in the TV's settings.
  2. g1471

    g1471 New Member

    Not sure if I am getting full motion deinterlacing. But I do get is pretty much any freeview Chanel looking at least visually the same as through the one aerial freeview box I have. That' all that matters.
  3. Kazafog

    Kazafog Member

    Unfortunately, i too am disappointed in the u9h. Its ok but... I have a couple of gripes that i doubt can be fixed via a firmware update.

    These are lack of info/functionality of the ir remote and also the ir receiver is total rubbish.

    During my research period I continually read "you really want the an air mouse" otherwise the interface would annoy you etc, which is b. S. Noone said If you opt to use the ir function (so you can use universal remotes etc) you CANNOT not even use some basic functions. The playstore app is the main app i am talking about. It SHOULD be advertised on the website and the box that you WILL require more than the ir remote. I can understand some apps not working via ir being a touch based os but the playstore is a core function and minix should be VERY clear that it CANNOT be used fully with the ir remote. I am surprised not one review i read mentioned this either.

    I purely use it for netflix and streaming videos via smb over a wired gigabit network, which in this day and age should be totally doable WITHOUT freezing, crashes, stoppages etc. Also I only stream 1080p at the most. Admittedly not all issues are the necessarily minix's fault though and it doesn't fault to often. But my 8 or 9 year old wdtv live units (x3) fault less often and they can even fast forward video without freezing. Which i believe is kodi's issue, even though my original xbox with xbmc had no issues fast forwarding more than a decade ago.

    To be honest I cannot believe how crap tech is these days, yes we can do more with it but it is all a work in progress, whether it is phones, tvs, pcs whatever. Its all crap. People now argue over which is less buggy instead of telling the manufacturers its not good enough. Updates should be just that, but these days updates are just about fixing all the crap that should have been fixed before it was released.

    All in all the u9h is one of the less buggy new media players out there, and the people on this forum are a great asset. i wish i could be more positive than that.
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  4. com5984

    com5984 New Member

    I've tried lots of andropid box's and the u9h is the best one so far. I only use kodi and youtube though
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