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Custom Kernel [KERNEL] OC kernel for the Minix Neo G4 v1.2

Discussion in 'NEO G4 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by ENDRJUPL, Jul 19, 2014.


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    UPDATE: v1.2 OC kernel
    • CPU overclocked to 1416 Mhz @ 1200-1300mV (stock limits)
    • Removed lower clock speeds of 252 and 504 mhz to enhance responsiveness and speed up booting. The processor should downclock to 804mhz in sleep mode (even if using performance governor). This should also benefit wireless performance and services while sleeping.
    1080p: http://d-h.st/jwf
    720p: http://d-h.st/KEg

    Flash through CWM recovery. if you know how to use Finless' flash tool, you may extract the kernel and flash in bootloader/mask rom mode.

    Minix's stated use of the Wolfson WM831x power control IC allows for some oc headroom without significant heating as compared to other TV sticks. I am using my Neo G4 @ 1416 Mhz at these volts (only slightly more than the voltages used to achieve the stock 1.2Ghz clock) for 24x7 usage @ performance mode.

    I have not suffered a single spontaneous reboot, throttling or artifacts. But of course, different processors have different binnings.

    Your Neo G4 may may not be stable at these volts and may require significant overvolting. Please report back if so and I may consider to make a higher volted kernel for you.

    I have unlocked 1.5 Ghz clock in the 720p kernel (within stock voltage limits of 1300-1350mV). however, it did not work for me (as yet). I am trying to get a stable 1.5-1.6 Ghz oc without significant overvolting but as per my current tests, 1416 Mhz is the sweet spot for the lower binned rk3066 in the Neo G4. you may want to try the 1.5 Ghz clock but it will most likely freeze up your system and you will have to power cycle it.

    The 1080p kernel @1.4Ghz easily achieves an Antutu score of ~7.5k which is equivalent to Minix's 720p kernel at 1.2Ghz.
    The 720p kernel @1.4 Ghz has achieved an Antutu score of ~8.5k on my G4 (may even reach 9k in your system) and is very fluid while playing movies as well as 3D games.
    So if you care about performance, take the risk and make the jump (but of course read the mandatory disclaimer first ;) )


    I am not responsible for any loss, monetary or otherwise arising from the information or software posted herein. Proceed at your own risk.
    When in doubt, DO NOT FLASH!
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    Hi, the 720p link contains a jpg file, can you fix it please?
    Thank you