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Kitkat HLS configuration

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by HardwareGuru, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. pirsquared8

    pirsquared8 New Member

    Chinese Rainbow Live APK dowes not work with all 4 HLS configuration 0 to 3. In Kitkat CE ver 230 it does not work as well
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  2. pirsquared8

    pirsquared8 New Member

    ShowBox apk does not work for certain 240
  3. ati

    ati New Member

    Show box after the last update appears to have problems. It has problem on my experia Z1 mobile (lollipop) and my ZTE tablet (jelly bean), it seams that is not a 2.40 malfunction. The previous Show Box version works well.
  4. Kives

    Kives New Member

    The Finnish Broadcasting Company has an app called YLE Areena
    The app lets user to pick native (system) or custom (build in to app) player.
    I'm using the native player mode cause the audio sync is better than in the custom mode.

    HLS 0 works perfectly with on demand material but live streams are randomly picking a wrong aspect ratio.
    Television doesn't change display mode cause all the UI elements stays in correct locations only the video layer is affected. I'm using Minix at 720p mode (best performance for me) but 1080 gives same results.
    Going back and forth from one live stream to another the aspect ratio is picked correctly maybe once of ten tries.

    App's custom player picks the correct aspect ratio every time but it has other issues. Native player has almost spot on audio sync and amazingly stble frame rate.

    Other HLS modes gives other troubles. (Bad audio sync etc etc) so HLS 0 is almost there.

    Could you open little bit the background behind the different HLS modes. Could it be possible to give user configurable HLS mode or are these modes using separate sets of code?

    Add: Minix is connected with eth cable to a 50Mb cable modem.

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  5. bepigreen

    bepigreen New Member

    I can't see streaming with any browser no matter which HLS configuration I use
  6. m0ngs7er

    m0ngs7er New Member

    HLS c0nfigurati0n just Leave nytemare & crash app…

    1) it w0uLd be ideaL if dis HLS fen0mena be excLuded in da nxt firmware update
    2) if stiLL theres a néèd 4 dis HLS c0nfig @ Least péèhaps da minix firmware deveL0per can incLude an in-app settings 4 ea individuaL apps
    3) i have to revert to the previ0us firmware as da Latest firmware 4 minix X7 just crashes me HDTV app & cL0udtv n0t werkin' as it supp0se 2
    4) 2 deter update 4 da Latest firmware i have managed 2 disabLe da update pr0mpt
    5) i have pLayed ar0und wif aLL da HLS c0nfig & stiLL it is a b0ther 4 ea individuaL 2 have it change every n0w & then just 2 run an app Least if say sum1 wh0 isnt tech savvy they might render da app un-werkabLe
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  7. KenTH

    KenTH New Member

    CloudTV H/W acceleration is definitely broken with firmware 240 under ALL HLS settings. Only S/W decoding works, but bad judders.
  8. amirahmedk

    amirahmedk New Member

    Hi Have Question Based on the Original Build The Device MINIX NEO X7 why is it that having it UPGRADED to KITKAT we left with 8gb memory the other 8gb used as software that to HARDWARE GURU the Engineers at minix emailed me saying that its not our build not the internal software engineers its the external engineers im not blaming who's at fault as demostration purposes at exhibition this item was flawless the where playing games watch tvmovies high scale hd then the starting building more of ,minixs not updating the fixes an problems we face why are we got very cheap basic remote i paid £133.24 from retail gadgets last year based in nottinghamshire in uk & A1 remote was about £25 +5 more for delivary £30 in total where cost of making these is very very cheap only i found one company uk registered authorised sellers rest are chinese people selling on private accounts using amazon or ebay its upsetting to see that evan after updates no one tested this uploaded video on youtube comeone software engineers pls help people demostrate you advertisers are emailing us saying its old product come on thats not fair from minix
  9. jimbonice

    jimbonice Member

    Punctuation is a wonderful thing.

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  10. R0987

    R0987 New Member

    Horizon go doesnt work on any hls conf al crash to launcher when selecting channel to view
  11. chris-c

    chris-c New Member

    Filmon tv (any version), live tv ok on "0" but playback on a recording only works on "2",try playing recording on "0"and it just buffers,drop back to live and it buffers, need to restart to clear live tv on "0", try to watchtv on "2" and you get this message (bitstream is conforming to the code std, media framework does not support the feature
    (1:-2147483648). filmon worked fine on the old jellybean software. I support 30+ boxes in portugal, so could do with this snag clearing up.
    chris c.
  12. leongsem

    leongsem Member

    will the HLS level make the apps crash?

    previously I have 2 apps work well in default firmware, but after flash to 250, it crash..........
  13. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Which apps?
  14. leongsem

    leongsem Member

    myiptv, hdtv

    not from playstore
  15. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I'm not familiar with those apps!
    Do you have links where to find them?
  16. leongsem

    leongsem Member


    but you only can use it when you buy it
  17. Simon Wong

    Simon Wong New Member

    Viu TV apps in HK

    Tried all 4 combination not work
  18. leongsem

    leongsem Member

    just realize that so many apps not support
  19. hostet

    hostet New Member


    TVBOX9B & MKTV isn't working and will crash the apps. Here is the link to the 2 apps


    For your information, I have tried all configuration of the HLS without success. The only rom that works is Neomode Custom Rom Minix X5 mini Android 4.4. However this rom does not support wifi or remote control.
  20. Toshihiko

    Toshihiko New Member

    Hi Gurus,

    This app called LeoTV (Paid IPTV) worked flawlessly on 4.2.2. After I upgraded my Neo x7 mini to 4.4, the stream stopped. None of the HLS configuration worked, tried 0/1/2/3. I can't upload the file or the link since this is my first post, please let me know how do I upload any of them?