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.kl file of NEO A2 Lite

Discussion in 'NEO A2 Lite' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  2. Jbusyy

    Jbusyy New Member

    Hello -- the file is not found there. Can you please fix the link??
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Add .kl to the URL.
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  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    link fixed.
  5. Tasuki

    Tasuki New Member

    May I know what is the purpose of this file?
  6. Mario

    Mario Member

    where exactly to put that file that we a2 working with other box?
  7. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Up ;)
    We must be root to change or modify this file ? Or we just upload it in one Kodi folder ?
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  9. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  10. rountreesj

    rountreesj Member

    This .kl file is not a kl file but the text from a .kl file. do you have a link to a page where there is a .kl file i can download to my sd card and install on the box
  11. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It is a .kl file! (y)
    You need to "Save Link As..." :)
  12. rountreesj

    rountreesj Member

    ahh ok. i ended up copying the deneric, renaming, and copying the text in.....so much work for nothing haha
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  13. dedoz

    dedoz New Member

    Hi, Is this file specific to the Minix firmware? Iam using the NEO A2 Lite with the probox-ex2 firmware, and the APP_SWITCH is 240 rather than 120 as specified in this file. Any idea why?