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X8-H Kodi 16.3 not playing 48 kHz stereo audio

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by BadBlock, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. BadBlock

    BadBlock New Member

    Got Minix X8-H Plus, Android 4.4.2, Kodi 16.3-0 (2016-08-16).
    Audio output: Passthough.
    Sony Bravia TV.

    Noticed that some files are played without sound. To make things worse, after trying to play such file, other files also start playing without sound until I reboot the player. As if something gets broken in there. Player reboot helps immediately.

    After trying this and that I narrowed the problem down to Stereo files, 48 kHz sample rate (AAC or MP3).

    After I recode the audio track in the file using Handbrake to 44,1 kHz, it starts playing normally.

    If the sound track is 5.1/48 kHz, it plays normally - the problem only appears to exist with Stereo tracks only.

    Any advice?