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kodi/minix freezes

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by brinky1990, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. brinky1990

    brinky1990 New Member

    Hi guys

    I got a problem with my minix U1 when trying to stream a movie on 1080 in kodi.
    Everytime when I try to watch a movie kodi/ the minix U1 freezes and I have to remove the
    power to reset the minix.
    It runs the latest firmware and I don't know the reason of this.. so hopefully you guys
    can help me out to solve the problem :)

    grtzz Kevin
  2. dbareis

    dbareis Member

    As you didn't say, some basic questions that might help:

    1. Is it the same movie or all sorts of different (or any) movies?
    2. Is it at the place (timeframe) in the movie(s)?
    3. If more than one movie, does these use the same codecs? Have you tried others?
    Those are the questions I'd be asking myself if I had the issue (and I do occasionally have it hang). The other major question is whether its a hardware or software issue:
    1. Have you check
    2. Not sure what hardware diagnostics people might use
    3. Have you checked for software updates?
    4. Have you tried a different media player (particularly if the hang is not intermittent, you did say "every time")

  3. brinky1990

    brinky1990 New Member

    thanks for your reply Dennis, I did some tests and I found out that the movies/series with the HEVC codec gives problems.
    The minix is running de latest firmware.
    I'm using kodi 17.6.

    I'm quite new in this so sorry if I miss something :barefoot:
  4. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Your U1 should be quite capable of playing the vast majority of HEVC encoded video...what is the source of your video files ?

    have you enabled the hardware acceleration options in Kodi settings ?
  5. brinky1990

    brinky1990 New Member

    HI Frederick thanks for your reply,
    Yes the hardware acceleration is enabled.
    I'm using the kodi addon covenant but it happens on different sources, just files
    With 1080P H.265 HEVC
  6. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    that doesn't make sense..well to me anyway..i don't understand what you mean !

    how do you know they are 1080p H265 hevc...are you downloading them first, and confirm it only freezes with this type and not others?

    what happens when you play a hevc x265 file located directly on your minix ?
  7. brinky1990

    brinky1990 New Member

    Sorry that I was not clear, well in kodi covenant if you choose a stream you can see in the title what it is, as example open upload 1080p H.265 HEVC.
  8. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    they are often inaccurate..the only real way to check is with the whole file and using something like the media info windows application >> https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download

    i would also strongly suggest that you download and play directly from your minix a quality x265 file from somewhere like psarips
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  9. vanblerk

    vanblerk New Member

    Hi all - I have a similar problem with my U1. I think it's probably a software problem caused by an intermittent hardware fault - every now and then the box flickers and creashes inexplicably, then it seems to settle down and work ok for weeks at a time. This pattern is getting annoying, and I may have a faulty U1.

    So my question is: what can I use to undertake a hardware test on my U1? I can't see anything in 'tools' that can help. I'd like to know if I have a faulty component (although the flickering/crashing behaviour is intermittent, as I mentioned earlier, so it may be difficult to diagnose).

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

    (edited to remove noob questions I have now found answers to)
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018