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Kodi v xbmc?

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by Gaz83, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Gaz83

    Gaz83 New Member

    What's the difference? Thanks
  2. Argyrios_Derlopas

    Argyrios_Derlopas New Member

    I believe only rebranding...

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  3. Gaz83

    Gaz83 New Member

    Ah okay, great. I've only ever used Kodi but my new box has xbmc..
  4. Argyrios_Derlopas

    Argyrios_Derlopas New Member

    Well that's interesting as the rebranding happened after a quote old release...so is your box indeed xbmc? If so it must be quite old version.

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  5. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Requires Android 5.0 or higher .... may not be old at all !

  6. Argyrios_Derlopas

    Argyrios_Derlopas New Member

  7. GW1

    GW1 Member

    XMBC is tweaked for minix products

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  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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