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Kodi/XBMC 17.3 alpha

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by Zapata, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Zapata

    Zapata New Member

    I see that there is a new apk for XBMC 17.3 stickied above. Has anyone else successfully installed this?

    I downloaded it, attempted to update xbmc 16.3 but I get install failed. Do I need to uninstall 16.3 first? I'm already running 17 from Google play but thought I should try the minix version.

    Minix neo u1
  2. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Make a back-up of your current version of Kodi if you haven't done so already. Remove 16.3 and reinstall 17.3 Alpha ..... Use your back-up to update the new version .
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  3. Huffy63

    Huffy63 New Member

    Sync channel groups with backend, isnt working in pvr simple client
  4. TigerJohn

    TigerJohn New Member

    I have uninstalled Kodi 16. 3 and previous version of MinixXBMC. I have downloaded the new MinixXBMC 17.3 Alpha. When I try to install it i get the message:
    Parse error
    There was a problem parsing the package.
    I downloaded using ES-file explorer.
    I tried downloading and installing twice, but same error.k
    I tried power off/on before installing, but same problem.
    Where do I go from here.
    I have. Minx XH plus, with last firmware (kitkat)
  5. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    You need at least Android 5 Lollipop to run Kodi 17 you have Android 4 Kitkat
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  6. TigerJohn

    TigerJohn New Member

    MinixXBMC 17.3 is a Kodi 17.3 fork.
    There are Kodi 17 forks for other kitkat boxes.
    Likewise, I imagined the MinixXBMC 17.3 would run on the Minix XH 8 boxes under kitkat. If not, this limitation should have been clearly stated in Villa's posting of the download link.
    Villa, please advise.
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I posted the link so it would be easy to find.
    I am not the developer of the app!

    You can try this...
  8. TigerJohn

    TigerJohn New Member

    Villa, thanks for your prompt reply.
    Unless someone running kitkat tells us otherwise, i will conclude that the MinixXBMC 17.3 alpha does not work on Minix boxes running kitkat. I will wait until final, stable lolipop FW is released for my XH 8 plus box, and take it from there. I also have a XH 8 (not plus) box, and hoped for a kodi 17 fork to become awailable for that. Any chance the Minix team will release an official MinixXBMC 17.x app running on the now outdated Minix kitkat Boxes ?
  9. iconx

    iconx New Member

    Tried minix xbmc17.3 everything working very well except hd audio, can't get audio at all with dts hd and trueHd any advise?
    U1 connected to the receiver with Hdmi
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I edited the post...
  11. Drdan

    Drdan New Member

    Howdy tiger John,
    The kodi fork called Mygica runs great on my x8 plus (no 'h'). I've been using it for about 3 months now without a glitch. You'll have to Google it to find it.
    Dr Dan
  12. TigerJohn

    TigerJohn New Member

    Hi Dan.

    I cannot find any Magica Kodi 17.3 fork, only 17.0 and 17.1. If you did find a 17.3, can you be so kind to guide me to it ?

    Tiger John
  13. Drdan

    Drdan New Member

    To the best of my knowledge the 17.1 is the latest. The only difference is that the 17.3 fixes a minor security flaw allowing a targeted device to become compromised iff (that means if and only if) that device is using subtitles.

    I seldom use subtitles and when I do I don't worry about it. My reasoning ; Of the several 100 millions of devices out there the odds of hitting my aged minix box are less than me winning the grand lottery, or getting struck by lightening. But... If I do get struck by lightening or win the lottery, or even get my aged box compromised... I think I'll just trash it.

    As in any argument, admittedly there are flaws in this one. The bottom line to me is... Don't worry about it.
    Dr Dan