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Latest AirPin (PRO) V4.0.9 apk (support iOS 11)

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. dennisraul

    dennisraul New Member


    Airplay is malfunctioning again, works on everything else except YOUTUBE (iOs 10.3.3 / iPhone 6S to Neo U1 - Ver 4.0.9

    Any recommendations ?


  2. John69

    John69 Member

    I have big troubles with my Minix after latest firmware update:

    I can not “airplay” youtube videos from my iPad or iPhone to TV(Minix): when I tried I get an error and black screen and then back to latest active screen.

    Screen mirroring is working normally with iphone or iPad as before but not “airplay”. Does anyone have a solution for that

    AirPin: 4.1.1
    Minix NEOU1: 5.1.1 (3.14.29)
  3. John69

    John69 Member

    Anyone wit solution?
  4. atomizasser

    atomizasser Member

    Last googleplay version is 4,3,7. How we can update to this version?

  5. timberland

    timberland New Member

    Go into the app (Airpin) itself -> to 'About and upgrade this app' (at the bottom) -> Than escape to go out, enter app again and it will pop out for update
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  6. John69

    John69 Member

    It's the same even with update :S not working with iOS devices and youtube app :(
  7. atomizasser

    atomizasser Member

    I can't update. I ve done excatly as you mention, but the application doesn't update.
    Would be possible to upload last version?
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    From what I understand, as MINIX provide the Pro version preinstalled you have to wait for MINIX to provide an update.
  9. oebalus

    oebalus New Member

    this might be a very silly question, but, does using airpin, mirroring from my computer to the tv/device transfer anything through the internet? or are the pictures/movies/screens stored in any servers ? Do i need internet access for it to work?