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Let's see a shot of your launcher/customizations

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Silverback, Aug 23, 2014.

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  2. yoGhurt

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    I cannot find topic but, nobody before, didn't want to share screenshot of his personalized Minix desktop? (If I'm wrong and searched not as well as I should, shoot me with a proper link).

    Here is mine

  3. Villa

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  4. mito

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    Could yo upload your pure Background, please.
  5. Indy45

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  6. yoGhurt

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  7. mito

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  8. isalopek

    isalopek New Member

    Can someone upload again Nagrace HPH NT-V6 launcher apk..
  9. isalopek

    isalopek New Member

    I found and installed launcher, but all killer is not working, and my device is not working... any suggestions?
  10. mito

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    Tnx, but a button "device" is not working...any solution?
  12. Laurence Waldman

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    I just wanted to say hi as I am new to the forum. My current launcher setup is using Square Home 2. I wanted to keep as close as I could to the Minix Metro launcher but wanted to be able to configure all items. Most tiles are pics cropped from a screen shot of the original metro launcher the rest are flat white icons. I'm using calendar widget: month+agenda by IT Benefit. All items are on the play store for free or to buy as usual.

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  13. skazza

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    here is mine:


    Squarehome2 launcher
  14. xeox

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    Here's my desktop

    Squarehome 2


    Sub menu


    Applications drawer

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  15. cvigti

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    Hi! I'm trying to set a cool launcher, like your for example, but I am having a hard time... The first issue I'm having is with the size of the screen. I installed squarehome 2 and it only let's me edit a small percentage of the screen. Went to try on the official launcher that comes with the minix (neo u1) and it's the same thing, only a portion of the screen is editable. The minix metro uses all of the screen, so seem to do your launchers. Is there some otion to allow to use all of the screen for widgets and icons? For example, in your launcher you have icons from left to right, I could only put icons from after the screen capture button to before the power button (using the bottom buttons as example). How do I do it? Also, is there a way to configure the icons easily? I couldn't even figure out how to put a widget when trying squarehome 2...could only resize the squares, change type (from oppaque to transparent) and add shortcut to an app to that square. (I am a fellow portuguese guy, judging by your news feed you must be one too ;))
  16. xeox

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    Later I will PM you whit my settings, you have to play around whit borders sizes in order to have full screen available to icons / widgets squarehome 2 is very customizable.

    Fica Bem ;-)
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  17. xinput

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    Can you PM me your settings too?
    Your UI looks pretty nice.

    Can't find out to get the Launcher using the whole screen without need to scroll.
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  18. xinput

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    ok that is my screen so far.. need some more customization.

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  19. xeox

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    Just a little darker.

    (squarehome 2)

  20. darkboy73

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    Hi, can you PM me your settings please?? It looks so cool!